Season can't get here quick enough...

Silver King

Oct 8, 2017
ever see when a pack of dogs are caged up and itching to get out at something, how they turn on each other?

Reminds me of a post of Fl Varsity years ago after Miami Norland won the state title, some guy up the coast wouldn't agree that they were the best team in any classification in the state. Miami Norland Dude threatened for a week to get on the bus and come up and throw down right at the bus stop.

Another sign we're almost back...


[]_[] Forever
Jun 3, 2016
No doubt, we are ALL like a starved pack of wolves ready to fvcking eat anything in front of us that is made of meat. That means you fvcking LSU, Savannah St., Toledo, FIU, UNC, FS Fvucking Who gives a ****, Vagina, BC, Puke, GT, Vagina Tech and you poor muther fvckers from Pitt that have to come to our house and get a very serious azz whooping and it will happen and it will not be pretty.
And Clemson....pretty sure you are now on the hit list, We are undefeated with that list as of now.
You all ready for the season now???? Time to eat boys and take back what is ours....The Natty!