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Put your General manager hat on.


Dec 14, 2012
Ok so me and some fellas were talking about the Jets and what they should do with the draft.

So heres my 2cents. We have all talked about it on this site for years. You go no where with out a decent to very good o-line. You can just look how bad the cowboys looked last year after they basically lost all 5 starting line men at one point.

So im dangling that #2 pick out there and im trying to trade back and pick up another 2nd rounder and maybe a 3rd as well. I would try hard as hell to try and stay in top 10 as my first pick would be one of the two stud OT. and I would actually try really really hard to get them both. They have that 23 overall pick as well so they could offer that to some one at pick 12 or 14 and maybe you get lucky. offer that 23rd pick and one of them second round picks you picked up.

This might be a reach and dont know if you get an impact starter right away but with one or two of my second round picks im taking a center and a guard. I would literally try and get 4 dam good future starters for the 0-line.

When Stephen jones finally convinced his dad to draft a center in the first round and every one thought they were crazy. well home boy was maybe the best center in the league till he got that crazy disease. That offense line was sick when Dak and eke were rookies and we went 14-2 that year.

If you build that o-line it makes all the players on offense much better. Hell it makes the defense look better because they wont be on the field as much. Offense will start controlling the time of possession and you start to wear down the other teams defense. These are all win win scenarios.

What kind of fun ideas do you guys talk about with teams pertaining to the draft. You guys can discuss other teams if you like. unjust find the jest situation very intriguing.


Feb 2, 2014
If I was the Jets GM I would sell the team for a new portable BBQ grill, a generator and an outside tv that I can take to the Hurricane games tailgates.


Feb 4, 2013
Trade down to 3 and get Fields or Lance. Let the Niners fall for the Zach Wilson trap.


Aug 31, 2013
Lance has the most natural talent in the draft. Hopefully, he goes somewhere with great coaching.

Empirical Cane

We are what we repeatedly do.
Sep 3, 2018
No team in the state of the Jets! Jets! Jets! should pass up a Herschel Walker to Minnesota-esque fleecing of their trading partner. If the Jags could get it, take the picks and good luck Sunshine on your new team.

With that said, no team in their right mind will give up the Viking ransom for any single player ever again.

If the Gotham Biplanes can get a good haul of picks, trade #2 away and build a roster to get your QB either through FA next year or draft. With their holes, #2 QB is going to likely end a sacrifice like Darny was.


Dec 31, 2018
Not something I would advocate, but they could shock the world and avoid a first round quarterback. If I were to do that, I'd trade down but couldn't in this simulation. Still, I got: