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O/U # of Commits Tonight?

da truth

1st team All-American
Oct 26, 2013
I agree, though I don't think "instincts" is the best term. It's more ability to read/diagnose what's happening in a split-second. A 5.0 guy with top diagnostic ability will get to the ball faster than a 4.5 guy without that ability. Spence is a perfect example. Of course the ideal is a 4.5 guy with elite skills at reading the play.

That's the problem with trying to convert DEs. Ability to read the play is something a kid develops well before they arrive at a college. By the time a kid is 19 yo it's usually too late. Sort of like trying to learn to hit a fastball at age 19 (well maybe not that impossible). Better to take guys who actually play LB (or Safety).

As far as Jackson, I'd be happy if he committed, but I do have some concerns about his actual LB skills.
Phillips will play lb in dolphins 3-4

i would rather convert lbs to de’s then other way around but if you have two years and are hungry enough to put the time in to learn how to read gaps and diagnose plays then you can do it. The issue is playing lb in our scheme is difficult enough if you played lb in hs nvm trying to learn a new position cause the dl are going to field 90% of time leaving lbs without dl help taking on blocks