NCAA reverses course on "Rivals rule"


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Nov 2, 2011
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INDIANAPOLIS -- Nearly nine months after the NCAA interpreted bylaw changes to include recruiting websites such as Rivals or Scout
as a scouting services and prohibited school staff members from subscribing, the organization has reversed course.

The NCAA Legislative Council has adopted proposal 2011-50 to eliminate the restriction on subscribing to a service that includes
access to non-scholastic video, namely content behind a pay-wall of recruits at various camps and combines over the spring and summer.
The Board of Directors will have the final say on Saturday but it is expected to be adopted and made final following a 60-day period.
"The extension of the legislation to all sports has created a myriad of unintended consequences in recruiting cultures (e.g., volleyball)
other than those in which it was intended. The proposal would codify a current blanket legislative relief waiver and increase its scope
as it relates to access to basketball and football nonscholastic video. The waiver was issued because of the difficulty in determining
which scouting services are permissible and inconsistencies in enforcing the legislation."

The original issue stemmed from a member school asking for a clarification about Bylaw 13.14.3, which governs recruiting or scouting services.
At issue was coaches subscribing or being provided free memberships to Rivals or other sites to watch video that is not available for free to the general public.