Kirby's (committ) thoughts on UM/FSU


Nov 3, 2011
Saw this on TOS and was pretty impressed by his comments replying to an FSU committ about the game.

On why he commited: "For me it was about the direction Miami is going," Kirby said. "They're that swagger back. You can just see it with how furious the defense plays. The attitude and confidence level is just at another level. That's the type of program I want to be a part of. Nobody puts more players in the league than Miami and I believe this staff is getting back to that with this year's team."

On the Game:"I really feel in this game the defense for Miami is going to set the tone in forcing some early mistakes by the FSU offense," he said. "Then the Miami offense with Lamar Miller are really going to start hitting some big plays, with Jacory throwing to Streeter downfield because we have a size matchup with him and the rest of the FSU defensive backs. Miami has that confidence back, so I have no doubt we are going to take care of business."

"Miami is just totally different than in previous years. It starts with the coaches and how the team wants to be better and that has shown in their production. You can see it with how they play that it's time to put the 'U' back on the map after they beat FSU," said Kirby. "In this game, Miami is going to win because they will protect the ball and I would just say to (Eligwe) that unless Greg Reid grows a few inches, he's going to get beat by Tommy Streeter. My response to him would be stop Streeter and Benjamin because I don't think they will this weekend. But in the end, I think turnovers are the key and FSU will have more at the end of the day,so that's why Miami is going to win."


Nov 7, 2011
Love the passion from the kid. Hope the team does as he says. I am impressed he sees such a difference in attitude on the team. That is great news for recruiting going forward


I put my heart in this sh!t
Nov 5, 2011
Love it. Hope he and the other youngins can bring some hatred and anger back to the D.