Junior College safety Gerald Bowman from LA Pierce.


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Nov 2, 2011
A host of top-notch prospects made their way to Norman last weekend to visit for the OU-Texas A&M game, and one of those was Junior College safety Gerald Bowman from LA Pierce.

And for Bowman, the visit seemed to go at least as good as planned and then some.

“It went really well,â€Â￾ Bowman said. “I enjoyed my stay there. They had opened arms to me. The coaches are great as well as the players. They made me feel welcome there.â€Â￾

He had the opportunity to speak with a number of coaches, including defensive backs coach Willie Martinez, defensive coordinator Brent Venables and head coach Bob Stoops.

After meeting with them, how did he feel about them?

“Spent some time with them all and I thought they showed genuine interest in me and felt that they really want me there,â€Â￾ Bowman said.

Bowman also met the “Sharks,â€Â￾ he said, including defensive back Tony Jefferson and others.

“They were all pretty cool,â€Â￾ Bowman said. “Those guys want me to play with them.â€Â￾

Need some evidence of that?

Just check out Jefferson’s Twitter from after the visit, where he said this: “@Gerald_Bowman yeah, bro wee need you here bro next year, coaches really want you if u haven’t noticed. Lol yu gotta great chance of playinâ€Â￾

Bowman, in a separate discussion, later tweeted him this: “@tonyjefferson1 yea man I can def see myself out there with y’all!! It’s all good man just get better the greatest thing is yall got the Wâ€Â￾

Heck, even some of the commits, including cornerback De’Vante Harris, have reached out to him and tried to convince him to don the Crimson and Cream hat.

As for what knowledge he gained while on the visit, he cited game preparation and what it takes to win at the next stage.

“Yea, I learned that the way you prepare for a game determines how you will perform and in the case of OU they prepared well enough to get the victory,â€Â￾ Bowman said.

He also had this to add on what might stand out about OU.

“I would have to say how they prepared for the game before they went out and fought,â€Â￾ Bowman said. “It was a different [environment] than any other programs I’ve seen so far.â€Â￾

Could the Sooners land their newest “Shark?â€Â￾

It appears they have a very good chance, since OU is among Bowman’s mentioned Top 5, which also includes USC, Miami, Oregon and Arizona State.

He did, additionally, tweet the other day that it was down to three, and OU is in there, so the Sooners look to have a good chance at snagging Bowman.


Miami is one of the other schools in his top 3