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Early Class Predictions (For the fun of it)


Jan 15, 2012
Would be a home run class
Would be an excellent class. Elite on defense which I love. Getting Armella would be a great pull. Bissainthe, Tolan and Graham would be the best LB class in forever. Tarbor and Lyons at DT is a coup. DE is where I believe this may get interesting. We're going to the wire with all of those kids and the fact is that this isn't the Miami of 10-15 years ago which is a good thing. With everything that this program now has to offer with all the facilities, great stadium, etc it just got more exciting with Phillips and Rousseau both going in the 1st round. The DE position in our defense has been a proven glory position. Now it's also a proven ticket to the NFL position and that is going to attract elite prospects. Add the coaching upgrades on defense and I truly think that we are a major player with all the big names.

I agree about Kelly in that he is going to continue to blow up. I love the potential of Dante Anderson as well. Stewart is a straight stud. My point is however that I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if we ended up with a DE class of Kelly, Stewart and Jackson.