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Off-Topic Earl DMX Simmons hospitalized from OD


Nov 27, 2011
He overdosed and had a heart attack. In the hospital fighting for his life. He’s been taken off of life support and breathing on his own. Little brain activity. Prayers up! 🙏🏾


All American
Dec 19, 2013
Yeah; I got hit up by one of my partners that’s a Ruff Ryder stunt rider about X yesterday. Imma huge X fan; never met him, personally, but always hung out w/ the L.A. RR crew back in the day, where some had a close relationship w/ X just being in music videos and ish like that. All said he was wild, but never felt like he was a star, but just a Reg hood ninja.

Wish him the best, hoping he survives this, and if he does, his circle is strong enough to get him the real help he needs...but from what’s come out of his own mouth, he gone do what X wanna do. Smh.
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G-Funk Era
Oct 15, 2012
I sold my soul to the Devil, and the price was cheap

And yo, it's cold on his level, 'cause it's twice as deep

But you don't hear me, ignorance is bliss and so on

Sometimes it's better to be thought dumb – shall I go on?

Yo, on the real, what the deal? It's a mystery

How is it I can live and make history?

If you don't see it, then it wasn't meant for you to see

If you wasn't born with it, it wasn't meant for you to be

But you can't blame me for not wantin' to be held

Locked down in a cell where a soul can't dwell

This is hell, go get the Devil and give me the key

But it can't be worse than the curse that was given to me

It's what I live for, you take away that and I'm gone

There's a difference between doin' wrong and bein' wrong

And that ain't right, just keep it fair, baby

Put me in the air and I'll take it there, baby – yes!