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Mar 14, 2013
Everything you need to know about the Class of 2017! All updates and news regarding class of 2017.

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Early Enrollees | All-Star Games

247Sports: 247Sports 400 | Commits
Rivals: Rivals 250 | Commits
Scout: Scout 300 | Commits
ESPN: ESPN 250 | Commits

QB: N'Kosi Perry - 9/26/15 (247 | hudl | 12/20/15 | Decommits) decommitted 2/4/16
QB: Cade Weldon - 3/21/16
RB: Robert Burns - 2/23/15 (Profile | hudl | Commits | 247Sports | 11/13/14)
WR: Deejay Dallas (247 | 12/3/15)
WR: Evidence Njoku - 7/18/16
WR: Jeff Thomas - 2/1/17
WR: Mike Harley - 2/1/17
TE: Brian Polendey - 3/21/16
OL: Navaughn Donaldson - 7/26/15 (247 | Rivals | hudl | ESPN | Twitter | Scout | Maxprep | Commits | 8/10/15)
OL: Kai-Leon Herbert (hudl | Offer) MIAMI - 1/25/17
OL: Zach Dykstra - 4/11/16
OL: Zalon'tae Hillery - 7/17/16
OL: Corey Gaynor -11/29/16
DT: Jonathan Ford (Commits)
DE: D.J. Johnson - 7/25/16
Jonathan Garvin - 8/8/16
LB: Waynmon Steed - 2/28/15 (Profile | hudl | offer | 12/23/14)
LB: Bradley Jennings Jr. - 8/7/16
LB: Deandre Wilder (247 | Rivals | hudl | twitter | Scout | ESPN | MaxPreps | 1/12/15 | 5/10/15)
CB: Trajan Bandy - 8/8/16 (hudl | 2/16, 2/18/15)
CB: Jhavonte Dean - 1/31/17
S: Amari Carter - 10/22/16 (247 | ESPN | Hudl | Twitter | Rivals)
S: Derrick Smith - 12/13/16 (247 | Scout | ESPN | Hudl | Welcome | 8/22/16)
P: Zach Feagles - 6/24/16

QB: Todd Centeio - 12/16/14 (hudl | Profile | Commits | Offer | 1/7/15 | De-commits-5/22/15)
WR: Daewood Davis - 6/11/15 (Twitter | 5/12/15 | commits) - Syracuse
OL: Kadeem Telfort - 2/27/15 (Profile | hudl | 2/13/15 | commits | De-Commits - 7/7/15) Florida
TE/DE: Tre' McKitty - 6/16/15 (hudl | 247 | Rivals | Scout |twitter | commits | Decommits) decommitted 12/13/15
LB: Aundre R Kearney - 6/9/15 (hudl | 247 | Rivals | Commits | Decommits) decommitted 2/12/16
LB: Tyler Dunning - 2/21/15 (hudl | Profile | Commits | Offer) decommitted 2/20/16
WR/TE: Kemore Gamble - 6/17/15 (hudl | Offer | Decommits -3/8/16)
S: Ahman Ross
CB: Nick Roberts - 8/8/15 (hudl | Offer | 6/21/15 | Commits)
RB: Bentavious Thompson - 2/22/15 (hudl | Profile | Commits | 11/7/14)
WR: Rodney Scott - 3/7/16 (hudl |247Sports | Commits)
CB: Christopher Henderson - 2/12/16 (hudl | 247 | Rivals | Commits)
CB: Brian Edwards - 7/15/16 (Profile | hudl | 247Sports | offer)
WR: Kevaughn Dingle - 3/19/16 (247 | ESPN | Rivals | Scout | hudl | MaxPrep | Twitter | 2/17/15)
S: Billy Gibson Jr - 2/16/16 (hudl | 247 | Scout | Rivals | ESPN | Commits)

Daulton Hyatt (hudl | Offer) ARKANSAS
Jack Walker (hudl | Offer) FAU
Tyler Lytle (hudl | Offer) COLORADO
James Blackman (hudl | 247 | Offer) FSU
Bailey Hockman (247) FSU
Jake Bentley (247)
Jake Allen (hudl | 247 | 6/2/15) FLORIDA

Adarius Lemons (hudl | 247 | Offer) FLORIDA
Anthony McFarland (hudl |Rivals | Scout | ESPN | 247 | 12/22/15)
Kyshaun Bryan (hudl | 247 | Offer) S. CAROLINA
CJ Cotman (247)
Colin Wilson (hudl | 247Sports)
Ottis Anderson Jr (Profile | hudl | 3/10/15)
Trace Christian 6'1" 210 RB from Lake Brantley (hudl | 247 | 6/21/15)
Darrian Felix (247)
Jamari Peacock (247)

Emmanuel Greene (hudl | Twitter | 247 | Rivals | Scout | ESPN | 3/2/15 | 6/25/15) UCF
Trevon Grimes (hudl | 247Sports)
Jerry Jeudy (hudl | 247Sports) ALABAMA
Leroy Henley, Cardinal Gibbons (hudl | 247Sports | 11/24/14)
Bruce Judson (247)
Shawn Smith (247)
Charleston Rambo (247) OKLAHOMA
Lavarus Tigner (247)
James Robinson (247)

Ravian Pierce (Juco)

Kyron Taylor (hudl | 2/10/15)
Cedric Jackson (hudl | 247Sports)
Tedarrell Slaton
Isaiah Wilson (247)

Justice Dean, Champagnat Catholic (hudl | 247Sports) (Visited spring practice with Tyler Dunning)
Fred Hansard (hudl | 2/27/15)

Vandarius Cowan, Palm Beach Gardens (hudl | 247Sports) (Visited for JR Day) ALABAMA
Nathan Proctor (hudl | Offer)
Jordan Wright (247)
Malik Herring (247)
Nate McBride (247)

Ventrell Miller (hudl | 247 | H2 | Rivals | Scout | Twitter | Offer) FLORIDA
Guy Thomas (hudl | Offer) NEBRASKA
AJ Deshazor (hudl | 4/9/15)
Will Ignont (247)
Nadarius F*gan (hudl | 247 | Rivals | Scout | ESPN | MaxPreps)

Marco Wilson (hudl | 2/21/15) FLORIDA
Daniel Wright, Cardinal Gibbons (hudl | 247Sports) Alabama
Stanford Samuels, Flanagan (hudl | 247Sports) (Visited JR Day) FSU
Marlin Brooks - son of Nate Brooks
Latavious Brini (hudl | 247 | Rivals | ESPN | Scout | Twitter) GEORGIA

Juwan Burgess (hudl | Offer) USC
Darrian Felix (hudl | Offer)
DeAngelo Gibbs (hudl | 2/24/15)
Ethinic Sands, Jr.
Zachary Carter (hudl | 247 | ESPN | Twitter | Offer) FLORIDA

Commitment Timeline:
12/16/14 Todd Centeio Commits (3 Star)

02/21/15 Tyler Dunning Commits (4 Star)
02/22/15 Bentavious Thompson Commits (4 Star)
02/23/15 Robert Burns Commits (4 Star)
02/27/15 Kadeem Telfort Commits (4 Star)
03/01/15 Waynmon Steed Commits (3 Star)
05/22/15 Todd Centeio Decommits (3 Star)
06/09/15 Aundre Kearney Commits (3 Star)
06/16/15 Tre' McKitty Commits (4 Star)
06/17/15 Kemore Gamble Decommits (4 Star)
07/07/15 Kadeem Telfort Decommits (4 Star)

07/27/15 Navaughn Donaldson Commits (4 Star)
08/09/15 Nick Roberts Commits (3 Star)
09/19/15 Ahman Ross Commits (4 Star)
09/26/15 N'Kosi Perry Commits (4 Star)
12/13/15 Tre' McKitty Decommits (4 Star)

01/30/16 Jon Ford Commits (4 Star at the time)
02/04/16 N'Kosi Perry Decommits (4 Star)
02/12/16 Aundre Kearney Decommits (3 Star)
02/12/16 CJ Henderson Commits (4 Star only on Scout, not as highly rated at the time)
02/16/16 Billy Gibson Jr Commits (3 Star)
02/20/16 Tyler Dunning Decommits (4 Star)
03/07/16 Rodney Scott Commits (4 Star at the time)
03/08/16 Kemore Gamble Decommits (4 Star)
03/19/16 Kevaughn Dingle Commits (4 Star)
03/19/16 N'Kosi Perry Recommits (4 Star)
03/21/16 Cade Weldon Commits (3 Star)
03/21/16 Brian Polendey Commits (3 Star)
04/11/16 Zach Dykstra Commits (3 Star)
05/10/16 Ahman Ross Decommits (3 Star)
05/21/16 Deejay Dallas Commits (4 Star)
06/13/16 Nick Roberts Decommits (3 Star)
06/28/16 Zach Feagles Commits (3 Star)
07/15/16 Brian Edwards Commits (4 Star)
07/18/16 Zalon'tae Hillery Commits (3 Star)
07/18/16 Evidence Njoku Commits (3 Star)
07/20/16 Bentavious Thompson Decommits (3 Star)
07/25/16 D.J. Johnson Commits (4 Star)
08/03/16 Rodney Scott Decommits (3 Star)
08/07/16 Bradley Jennings Jr Commits (3 Star)
08/08/16 Jonathan Garvin Commits (4 Star)
08/08/16 Trajan Bandy Commits (4 Star)
10/03/16 CJ Henderson Decommits (4 Star)
10/08/16 Brian Edwards Decommits (4 Star)
10/22/16 Amari Carter Commits (3 Star)
11/03/16 De'Andre Wilder Commits (3 Star)
11/29/16 Corey Gaynor Commits (3 Star)
12/13/16 Derrick Smith Commits (3 Star)
12/15/16 Kevaughn Dingle Decommits (4 Star)

01/06/17 Billy Gibson Jr Decommits (3 Star)
01/25/17 Kai-Leon Herbert Commits (4 Star)
02/01/17 Mike Harley Commits (4 Star)
02/01/17 Jhavonte Dean Commits (4 Star)
02/01/17 Jeff Thomas Commits (4 Star)
02/28/17 Dee Delaney Transfers from Citadel (Grad)
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Mar 14, 2013

hudl | Rivals | ESPN | Scout | 247Sports | Twitter

#16 Sophomore QB
Dwyer High School Varsity Football, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 187lbs
Shuttle: 4.32
Vertical: 30.9"
Power Ball: 30'

Interview with new Miami Hurricanes QB Commit Todd Centeio
by Andrew Ferrelli, CanesWarning

The Miami Hurricanes just received a verbal commitment from 2017 QB Todd Centeio. Centeio is one of the best p_layer_s in the 2017 class and is a great addition to James Coley’s tradition of QB recruits. Coley has been very successful at recognizing QB talent very early and Todd Centeio is no exception. The 6’0-190 prospect from Royal Palm Beach, like just about all of the 2017 p_layer_s, isn’t ranked yet, but everyone that has seen him play knows that he is one of the best young prospects in the country. I spoke with Centeio just now about James Coley, Brad Kaaya, and his own talent.

Todd Centeio talked about how he felt at the time of his commitment.

“It was exciting. My mom is from Miami so she has kind of always liked Miami and she was happy. We talked to Coach Coley and right after we hung up we called him again and told him.”

Centeio went on to talk more about Coach Coley and the first time they met.

“I’ve known him since eighth grade because I went to the camps. In my eighth grade year I think he really liked me because he moved me up to the group with the high school kids and I was throwing to the high school receivers. Ever since then when I go to camps I see that he’s a good coach.”

Like many recruits, Centeio took notice of Coach Coley and Brad Kaaya.

“I liked what he did with Brad Kaaya this year and that he started a true freshman. He developed him throughout the season and I really like that.”

I then asked Todd Centeio to talk about his own game.

“I’m a dual threat quarterback. I’ll beat you in the pocket and I can pressure you in the run game. I have a strong arm and I’m accurate and I think that I’m a really strong leader. I have a real good IQ for the game, but I think that I can keep improving that aspect in the classroom. Just knowing that if the defender is inside, to throw it to the outside, toward the sideline. I need to continue working on the little things.”

Centeio wanted to be humble when I asked him to compare himself to a current NFL or college QB.

“I feel like I’m giving myself to much praise if I say Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, but I think I’m pretty similar to Russell Wilson”

Todd Centeio was the QB at Royal Palm this year where he was teammates with current 2015 Miami commit Charles Perry, so I asked about their relationship.

“We’ve joked around about college before. He [Charles Perry] would always tell me ‘I’m gonna be headed to the NFL by the time you come.’ He didn’t really influence my decision, but he’s a good p_layer_. He’s a really good friend too, we cool.”

Centeio finished with this message for Miami fans “Thank you for the support and welcoming me to THE U”

De-committed 5/22
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Mar 14, 2013

hudl | Rivals | ESPN | Scout | 247Sports | Twitter

Tyler Dunning
Inside Linebacker
Fort Lauderdale, FL (Dillard)
Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 225 : 40: 4.69

Feb 21, 2015 | 04:24 pm
Corey BenderCorey Bender
Florida Recruiting Analyst
This story was originally published on

Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes reeled in their second verbal commitment out of the 2017 class on Saturday, when 6-foot-2, 222-pound Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Dillard standout Tyler Dunning gave his pledge the same day he was offered a scholarship by the hometown school.

Passing the eye test as just a sophomore at 6-foot-1.5, 222-pounds, Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Dillard standout Tyler Dunning has been patiently waiting for his initial scholarship offer of the recruiting process and is poised to register a boatload of offers prior to kicking off his collegiate career three years from now.

On Saturday morning, the rising junior made the stroll over to Coral Gables with hopes of securing his offer and his prayers were answered during his brief pit stop with the hometown Miami Hurricanes.

Not only did the linebacker reel in an offer from his dream school, he didn't waste any time and secured a spot in Miami's 2017 recruiting class, joining highly-touted gunslinger and Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) Dwyer standout, Todd Centeio.

"My visit was great and I loved the facilities and coaches," Dunning said. "The vibe around there seemed great and I loved it. I like being around good vibes and Miami has been the dream school. The feeling (when I committed) was great."

While he still has two seasons of prep football left on his plate, Dunning is already envisioning himself in the U helmet and ready to put in the work to become one of the best that's ever donned the orange and green at the linebacker position.

"I know that they have a history of having great linebackers and I will be one of the next great ones," Dunning said.
Dunning, who accumulated 117 tackles, 16 sacks, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and three pass deflections in 2014, is garnering additional interest from Florida State, Florida, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, LSU, Arkansas and Florida Atlantic early on.

"My biggest strengths are stopping the run and coming downhill and hitting," Dunning said.

Tyler Dunning: "I'm all Cane right now"
Why did you decide to commit to UM when you did?

"I felt it was a good opportunity to come here and it was already close to home," Dunning says. "I like everything about the school. I like the vibe, I like everything."

Dunning says he's even trying to recruit his teammates on a talented Dillard defense -- most notably 2017 defensive end Jon Ford, who has a Miami offer and 2016 defensive tackle Aaron Thompson and linebacker Kenneth Ruff, who are waiting on UM offers.

"I tell them all the time that if they come we're going to bring the U back, there isn't any point in leaving," Dunning says.

Dunning adds Ruff is considering South Carolina and Thompson LSU, but "if Miami offers, they're going to come."

He says other schools coming on strong are FAU, FIU, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina but adds "I'm all Cane right now. My decision isn't changing right now."




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Jun 21, 2012
Few guys to add Warrior

Rodney Scott, WR Miami Southridge

Vandarius Cowan, DE/LB Palm Beach Gardens
(Visited for JR Day)

Brian Edwards DB, Miramar

Robert Burns, RB Gulliver
(Visited for spring practice)

Trevon Grimes, WR St. Thomas Aquinas

Stanford Samuels, DB Flanagan
(Visited JR Day)

Colin Wilson, RB Clay

Jerry Jeudy, WR Monarch

Leroy Henley, WR Cardinal Gibbons

Cedric Jackson, OL Norland
(Visited spring practice with Telfort)

Justice Dean, DE/DT Champagnat Catholic
(Visited spring practice with Tyler Dunning)

Daniel Wright, DB Cardinal Gibbons

EDIT: HUDL's added.
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Mar 14, 2013

hudl | Rivals | ESPN | Scout | 247Sports | Twitter

Bentavious Thompson
Running Back
Miami, FL (Killian)
Ht: 6-1 | Wt: 190

Sunday afternoon, Miami-Killian running back Bentavious Thompson pledged to the Hurricanes. He is the third commit in UM’s 2017 class, joining Dwyer quarterback Toddy Centeio and linebacker Tyler Dunning, of Fort Lauderdale-Dillard.

Thompson, listed at 6-feet and 180 pounds, is not rated by Rivals or 247Sports. Last year as a sophomore, he became the first Killian player to rush for 1000 yards since Dolphins running back and former UM standout Lamar Miller.
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Mar 14, 2013

hudl | Rivals | ESPN | Scout | 247Sports | Twitter

Gulliver Prep, Miami, FL
#22 Sophomore RB MLB

Weight: 205lbs
40yd Dash: 4.58
Shuttle: 4.56
Vertical: 39.3"
Power Ball: 41'

Running back Robert Burns (Miami/Gulliver Prep) just reached out to Miami's staff and verbally committed.

Burns chose Miami over 19 other claimed verbal offers.

"Just the direction of the program," Burns said of Miami. "They've made some coaching changes. They seem like they are going back to how it was in the past. It's intriguing."

Burns said Duke, North Carolina, Alabama, Cincinnati, Clemson, Florida State, Illinois, Middle Tennessee State, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, South Florida, Syracuse, Tennessee, Tulane, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin offered.

The 5-foot-11, 210-pounder has a 40-inch vertical and runs in the 4.5-second range in the 40-yard dash.

Burns is Miami's fourth 2017 commit.

Burns is regarded as one of the top running back prospects in Florida.

Let there be 4...
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Mar 14, 2013

Kadeem Telfort ® @Nosackzone___ 36s36 seconds ago

The ýý Chillin In The Gear #GoCanes [URL=]#Canes Nation[/URL]

hudl | Scout | Rivals | ESPN | 247Sports | Twitter

#74 Sophomore T G
Norland HS, Miami, FL
Weight: 315lbs
Squat: 405lbs

Peter Ariz [MENTION=4648]Pete[/MENTION]rAriz
2017 Norland stud lineman Kadeem Telfort has committed to Miami. Can play either side of the line. Big, athletic body #Canes

Welcome to The U: Kadeem Telfort
by Andrew Ferrelli 2h ago FOLLOW @@CANESWAGGER01

The Miami Hurricanes have landed a commitment from a BIG local prospect for the 2017 class. Offensive lineman Kadeem Telfort, a 6’6-315 sophomore, has committed to the Canes. Telfort was one of the top prospects on Miami’s board for 2017 and was very highly sought after by Miami’s coaches. One former member of the football staff told me that they believe Telfort is a better prospect than former 4-star recruit and current Cane, Trevor Darling. Telfort had always said that Miami was his dream school and decided to commit the day after he received an offer. Telfort always talks about former Cane and future first round pick Ereck Flowers, who wore #74 at Norland High School, the same number and school as Telfort.

It's Official Just Committed to The University Of Miami @SleeperAthletes @RyanBartow #GoCanes [URL=]#Canes Nation[/URL] #Sqaud17

— Kadeem Telfort ® (@Nosackzone___) February 27, 2015

Kadeem Telfort is a huge addition to the Canes’ 2017 class that is starting to heat up. Miami now has 5 commits for 2017, running backs Robert Burns and Bentavious Thompson, quarterback Todd Centeio, linebacker Tyler Dunning, and now offensive lineman Kadeem Telfort. Telfort has the talent and physical ability to be one of the top prospects in the entire country. Kadeem Telfort is very athletic for his size and can play on both sides of the line. This is a big time get for the Canes.

Then there was 5...

Kadeem Telfort ®
I've talked it over with my parents and we came to a decision that I will decommit from The University Of Miami.

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Jun 21, 2012
Welcome to the :neonu:

Waynmon Steed


W.Steed Jr.
Proud to announce that I officially committed to the #Hurricanes

Steed 2.jpg


Staff Writer
Staff member
Dec 4, 2013
2017 Miami RB Commit Robert Burns from Gulliver Prep and 2017 WR Emmanuel Greene from IMG Academy throwing up the U!

Greene is fresh off a Friday visit to the University of Miami.



Staff Writer
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Dec 4, 2013
Former Cane Great & NFL Great Edgerrin James throwing up the U with 2017 Miami RB Commit Robert Burns from Gulliver Prep at the Miami NFTC.


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Jun 21, 2012
Ahman Ross
Got offered by Miami today!! #blessed #TheU

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Mar 14, 2013

2017 Miami RB Commit Robert Burns from Gulliver Prep and 2017 WR Emmanuel Greene from IMG Academy throwing up the U! Greene is fresh off a Friday visit to the University of Miami.

Miami NFTC (3/1/15)
Notebook | Updates | 247Sports

Miami NFTC updates per 247
- Emmanuel Greene visited Miami and loved it. He is very close with coach Kevin Beard. Hosted by Dorsett on recent visit. UM tied with OHST
- OHST leading for Treavon Grimes
- Henley names UM leader
- Trajan Bandy still has Tennessee on top
- Brian Edwards has UL leading UM second, will be visiting thursday.
- 2017 CB Marco Wilson from American Heritage runs a 4.53 forty.

Miami RB '17 commit Robert Burns (@RobertBurns_) put up some huge*#s*today at*#TheOpening*Miami - 4.57 40 and 42" vertical at 5-11, 206

Waynmon Steed is there fresh off commitment

WayeJr31: Thanks my fellow Canes fans for the blessings.
Here are Waynmon's numbers from the Nike Camp today.
6'0" 198
40 yard laser 4.73 (I had him at a 4.55 hand time)
20 yard shuttle 4.38
Power ball 34
Vertical 30.5

Tyler Dunning: LB (2017)

Kai-Leon Herbert: OL (2017)
2017 OL Kai-Leon Herbert from Cardinal Gibbons measures in at 6'5" 270
Kai-Leon Herbert of Fort Lauderdalde/Cardinal Gibbons, 2017 OL, looks super on the hoof. 6-5, 270 lean.

MVPs for the camp:

WR - Trevon Grimes - 2017 St. Thomas Aquinas
2017 WR Trevon Grimes from St. Thomas Aquinas says today OSU is his leader but is wearing FSU gloves.

OL - Tedarrell Slaton - 2017 American Heritage
2017 OL Teddarell "TJ" Slaton from American Heritage measures in at 6'4.5" 341, 5.29 forty and a 43' power ball

Miami NFTC recruiting notebook
On Saturday, Nike Football's 'The Opening Regional' took over the campus of American Heritage-Plantation as some of the top talent from across the state came to show their skills and hopefully earn the golden ticket to attend Nike's 'The Opening'.

I spoke with numerous 'Canes recruits at the camp and below are their thoughts.

Former Cane Great & NFL Great Edgerrin James throwing up the U with 2017 Miami RB Commit Robert Burns from Gulliver Prep at the Miami NFTC.

2017 Gulliver Prep (Fla.) RB Robert Burns (Miami commit):
Burns, who committed to Miami this past week, came to Saturday's camp still excited about being committing to the home-town 'Canes. "One of my former coaches is there which I took into consideration, I took the business program into consideration, but the biggest factor was I prayed on and I got the OK from God," said Burns. Burns will be working hard in the off-season to improve on his overall knowledge of the game he said. "I love our recruiting classes, I really do. We got some top ten talent and we all have that tenacity about us you know. As long as they sign to Miami, we'll be good." Perhaps the highlight of the day though was Burns getting coached up by former Miami Hurricane and NFL great, Edgerrin James. "Edge" gave Burns some pointers when it comes to footwork and blocking for his quarterback.

2017 Cardinal Gibbons (Fla.) OT Kai-Leon Herbert:
Herbert was offered by Miami this past week and he finally received what he described as his "dream offer." "The offer means so much," said Herbert "It really is a dream come true. I love the players and I love coach Golden. Everything is really nice over there." Herbert later went on to say that even if and when he adds new offers, Miami will remain number one in his recruitment. "Our 2016 and 2017 classes are looking great. We got another good commit yesterday in Kadeem (Telfort) and I'm really looking forward to working with him."

2017 Miami Norland (Fla.) OL Kadeem Telfort (Miami commit):
The brand new Miami Hurricane commit came into Saturday's event just 24 hours removed from officially committing to his dream school and was ready to make his presence felt. "It's so great to be committed because it has been my dream school since I was a kid," said Telfort. "We have got a lot of great talent so far in south Florida and maybe when we all get down on campus we can get some great team chemistry and possibly become one of the best teams in the nation."

2017 Miramar (Fla.) DB Brian Edwards:
Edwards recently de-committed from the Louisville Cardinals to "open things up". However, the 6-foot-3, 180-pounder says Louisville remains atop his favorites with Miami not far behind. "The coaches from UM tell me that I'm a good kid and a great long corner," said Edwards. "I feel like I would fit in (at Miami). I mean Tracy Howard went there so why not. Tracy and I are both long and have great footwork so I feel like I could compare myself to him."

2017 Miramar (Fla.) WR Lavarus Tigner: The 6-foot-2, 180-pound wideout is working hard this offseason to rack up a few offers but early on in the process he holds offers from Miami, FIU, and Temple. Remember this name.

Miami Nike Opening Regional Top Performers
Luke Stampini - Feb 28, 3:53 PM 44

Position MVPs
Wide receiver MVP Trevon Grimes of Ft. Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas is only a 2017 prospect, but flashed the five-star potential. The 6-foot-3, 190-pounder was able to get open deep consistently during one-on-one and seven-on-seven drills.

Offensive line MVP Tedarrell Slaton of Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage is another 2017 that really put on a show Saturday. The 6-foot-4, 315-pound prospect stoned defensive lineman after defensive lineman during one-on-one drills. He rarely, if ever, gets off balance and has a very sturdy base. Look for Slaton to make a move into the Top247.

***247Sports' analysts David Lake, Ryan Bartow and Josh Newberg contributed to this article***
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Mar 14, 2013
Brian Edwards .jpg
hudl | 247Sports

Brian Edwards @_talljitt · 6h 6 hours ago
Recieved a another BLESSED offer from the University of Miami today #Canes

#42 Sophomore CB
Miramar HS, Miramar, FL
Recruit Me @_talljitt
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185lbs

Brian Edwards
Hollywood, FL (Miramar)
Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 185

Golden Era

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Jun 21, 2012
Jake Allen™ @Jakeallen_14 · 3h 3 hours ago
@_Wright3470 @deon_the_truth @5manfree

2017 QB Jake Allen, 2016 RB Deon Mcintosh 2017 S Daniel Wright.

Golden Era

i mean Richt Era
Jun 21, 2012
These boys are feeling The U

Jake Allen™
#Squad17 this weekend @KHerb17 @RobertBurns_ @_Wright3470


Aug 9, 2013
Taking multiple qbs in 17?
If we are Golden needs to get off the bull and go after Denzel Houston, I wouldn't mind seeing us taking mainland's main players these next two cycles. In 2017 they may have the best safety in the nation. Its the simple stuff. Its still early but I hope we are building a strong relationship with Houston and he already should have been invited for a junior/sophomore day. That is where FSU always stays ahead of us, they invite underrated guys knowing they could possibly blow up.

Hurricane Warrior

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Mar 14, 2013

hudl | 3/10/15 | NCSA | 247Sports | Twitter

Ottis Anderson Jr
Running Back
Jacksonville, FL (University Christian)
Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 168

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Age: 16
Prim. Position: RB
Sec. Position: CB
40 Yard Dash: 4.5
5-10-5 Shuttle: 4.28
Bench Press: 225
Squat: 405
Vertical: 32.5


My name is Otis Anderson and I am a rising freshman at University Christian high school in Jacksonville, Florida. I am in the Class of 2017 and my primary position is Running Back and secondary position is defensive back. As a freshman I started in two games and earned major playing time at the varsity level. I played a major role in the production of the offense and special teams. I am grateful that as a freshman I was able to earn significant playing time and gained some valuable experience at the varsity level. I consider myself to be an explosive athlete who can fit into any type of offensive formation or system. I am a team player that plays at a high energy level and excitement. I feel my high energy and athleticism makes me a well-rounded player who can be an effective running back in a variety of ways to include the passing game. I believe that I will be an asset to the football team as well as a student at your college as I currently carry a 3.5 GPA. I am looking for a college that can provide me with a proper balance of classroom and athletics. I plan on pursuing a major in Sports Medicine or Sports Management. On the field I would like an athletic environment where I would have an opportunity to make an immediate impact just as I was able to do my freshman year in high school. I look forward to playing football at the college level and continuing to excel.
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