Bleacher Report Article on Hidden Gems

Dec 17, 2014
One Hidden Gem on Each Top 10 College Football Team in 2018

BR is so inconsistent. Although I agree that Bandy is a hidden gem and will be vital to our success this upcoming season, could they at least get a photo of Bandy himself and not a fan in the stands who dresses in full uniform for each game? A simple google search would have been fine.

Here, I'll help them out....
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Dec 13, 2012
There was nothing hidden about Bandy. Everybody knew how good he was, but some teams may not have pursued him as hard because of his height.
As for BR, I think it's written by a bunch of guys who's main qualification is not having anything better to do.
And yeah, they totally think that's Bandy. Google search turned up a guy wearing #2...must be him!