Avery Young


Nov 5, 2011
The impressive 6’5 and 292-pound tackle from Palm Beach Gardens (Fla.) talked about recruiting with CaneInsider.com. Although his top three does not include Miami, it hasn’t stopped the UM coaching staff from making a hard push for Young’s services.

“Not too many,â€￾ he said about colleges still recruiting him. “It has slowed down a little bit because I have a solid top three which is Florida, Georgia and Auburn. I still have one more school to see and that is Miami. I will say that they are the hardest school now that is really making sure I come on a visit. Just making sure I get an opportunity to decide on what I really want to do.â€￾

With Miami in hunt, Young said it will not be too hard for them to break into his top three, but that all depends on how well his official visit goes on January 20.

“Not hard, but at the same time I look at the coaches and the surrounding of the kids and type of kids they have on their team. Like with Florida and Auburn, they are a great group of guys. My cousin plays for Auburn, Brandon Fulse, the tight end. One of my best friends is Tre Mason, the running back they have. When I went there on my visit, I felt at home. It was a great group of kids, same thing at Florida and Georgia.

"So, that is the main thing. When I go down there on a visit I will see how they carry themselves and how things work. I don’t want to go to a program with a group of kids that don’t know how to act.â€￾

Miami head coach Al Golden has developed a really good relationship with Young’s father. Golden now needs to win over Avery in order to have another offensive lineman join his roster for 2012.

“Miami coach I stay in contact with is Al Golden. He is a real good guy. Him and my dad have a real great relationship. I haven’t really talked to him in a while because I haven’t had a phone in a while. He is a real good guy and everything is good with him and my family.â€￾


As Palm Beach Gardens' Avery Young, Boynton Beach's Jessamen Dunker and Palm Beach Central's Angelo Jean-Louis sat in the back seat looking out the tinted windows, Jean-Louis and Dunker spent a considerable amount of time recruiting.

With Dunker, an offensive lineman, committed to Florida and Jean-Louis, a wide receiver, committed to Miami, the two were doing their best to convince Young, an uncommitted offensive lineman, to join them.

"We were talking the whole time," Jean-Louis said. "He just smiled and gave me an interested look. He told me he wouldn't mind taking a visit down there."

With national signing day less than a month away - Feb. 1 - the race for the nation's top high school football prospects is in its final stretch. With many recruits to visit and little time to do it, college football coaches can be stretched thin. NCAA rules prohibit Div. I recruiters from constant contact - for example, they may speak to a player or his family in person on just 22 of the 45 days leading up to signing day.

To help their efforts, they often tell high school seniors to recruit their most talented peers. Verbal commitments, while non-binding, are popular. Committed players often try to get others to follow.

So Jean-Louis, a proud Miami commit, sat close to Young on the way to Lake Buena Vista, the site of four days of practices for Thursday's Under Armour All-America Game (8 p.m., ESPN).

Young, the area's No. 1 prospect and ranked as the No. 13 offensive lineman in the country, listened as Jean-Louis extolled the virtues of UM's coaching staff and campus. He heard about the success of former Palm Beach Central offensive lineman Shane McDermott, who played in 10 games for UM last season as a redshirt freshman.

As the car drove up the highway, Dunker, who committed to Florida in March, had his own pitch for Young, a 6-foot-6, 286-pound offensive tackle. But Jean-Louis feels he made the greater impression.

"I think I did. We've been hanging out this whole weekend," Jean-Louis said.

It may have worked. On Tuesday, Young told reporters he had narrowed his college choices to Auburn, Florida and Georgia, but with one visit remaining, he said he'll see Jean-Louis in Miami on Jan. 20.


Lets pray


Miserable, Pathetic ****
Nov 30, 2011
Believe it or not, I actually feel like we have a decent shot with this one. He's looking for a family environment, and that's one thing Miami provides better than anybody else.


Nov 2, 2011
Auburn's bank account scares me. We are on an even level with Georgia and UF IMO after the visit


Nov 5, 2011
Auburn all the way

Remember that article about Fulse? His top 2 were Miami, Fsu. He hadn't even taken a visit to auburn yet committed. A month later he took the visit to auburn

Money talks boy I tell you.


Nov 3, 2011
Auburn all the way

Remember that article about Fulse? His top 2 were Miami, Fsu. He hadn't even taken a visit to auburn yet committed. A month later he took the visit to auburn

Money talks boy I tell you.
Auburn will most probably be his final destination. UGA also thinks they got him too.