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Athletic article on the 07 MNW Bulls


Jan 16, 2012
That 08 class was the first time I really dived into recruiting as I was pretty bummed at how things were since 03/04 talent wise and wanted to see who we were bringing in...

I thought we would be winning a natty with that class....

Goulds Cane

Jan 11, 2020
I remember MNW had a LB with ONE EYE that was a beast. This was like 2005-2006. Killian played MNW at Traz and it felt like the entire state of Florida was out there. Dude had like 20 tackles in the game, he looked like Devin Bush Jr. before Devin Bush Jr.

Killian was the best team down south & loaded with D1 prospects & NFL players but could never get past the West lol. I was a HUGEEEEE Killian stan & was mad as hell when Coach Rolle left a state champion team he built for the West. I wanted to go to the K but my mom wouldn't let me go there (it was a rough school) and told me my options were soft ass Coral Reef, Palmetto who was bad at the time or go to Robert Morgan and play at Southridge. This girl in my apartment complex I had a HUGEEEE crush on was going to Coral Reef so I went there hahahahahahahaha


Nov 2, 2011
Amazing article.

We signed EIGHT!!!!! players from one school but the 9th was a 2x All-American, perennial All-Pro & future HOFer. That's the type of **** that only happens to us I swear....
It's not really like that - he went juco. That isht happens. The real issue for Miami is what happened to the 8 guys we did sign, not the 1 we didn't.


Nov 8, 2011
Nah he never had that type of speed. But he could have been a very productive college WR if he loved the game and took care of his body.
yes he wouldve/couldve been a 6-8 tds a season guy. If he was all in...he was a kid that likely wouldve done better with a change of scenery other than living in miami.

rsa coral gables

Absolute Pingudo
Jul 21, 2012
great article, great kids. spence was one of my favoite canes ever. smart and fast. we havent had a LB like him since. i am steeler fan and was excited to see him in the pros. i almost cried when he got injured and when i learned the damage to the nerve and how unlikely his return would be. he did come back, but it wasnt the same. god bless him. he's a great and kind kid.


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 3, 2011
It's not really like that - he went juco. That isht happens. The real issue for Miami is what happened to the 8 guys we did sign, not the 1 we didn't.
It wasn't just the MNW kids that never panned out. We didn't get much out of the BTW kids either. Davon Johnson never did much. Collier transferred out after showing promise. Brandon Harris never lived up to his rating.


Nov 17, 2012
Man I remember that 08 class. Man did we think we was back.

then jacory started lobbing ducks in the air.

only good one of that bunch was Spence. What a monster he was especially at his size. Wild they all was telling the staff to grab David and they didn’t listen smh
Feb 4, 2021
This shyt here makes me proud to be a bull! Two times for them boys on 71st !
Teaching and coaching them everyday was a job in itself. As a teacher you had to focus on the books and as a coach you had to keep them focused on short and long term goals on the field plus keep them safe from the streets. So many other players and stories that came from this team. Truth is the 06 team was just as good or even better. Some of the team before also had similar talent too. Just a great story all around about how a school and team when done right can impact and change lives and generation.