Are you a BIG Cane fan, literally? Look at this.

SRQ Cane

Feb 26, 2017
I have some jerseys and polos I can no longer use, maybe someone on here is interested. Lost a bunch of weight over the last year and a half, so they are way too big on me now. All of these are 4xl. List of what’s included...

These were the first year of the new old school look.

White screen print #1
Black twill #1
Green twill #1
Orange twill #1
Black/grey adidas polo
Orange/green adidas polo
Grey/green adidas polo
Orange/green long sleeve climalite long sleeve 1/4 zip pullover

Everything is in very good shape, expect and small imperfection on the white screen print and the 1/4 zip. Throwing in a cam wake dolphins jerseys too for the hell of it.

It’s a package deal if anyone wants it, don’t want to go through the hassle of breaking it up. I’m looking for $25 a piece for the twill jerseys ($100 new), $15 for the print jersey and $10 for each of the polos and 1/4 zip. Total is $130 plus you pay shipping. I’m in Sarasota, so anyone around Sarasota or Tampa, I’ll meet you to avoid shipping charges.

There is a photo of all included. I can send additional photos if needed. Pm me.

Thanks! GO CANES!!!

EDIT - thank JMG. I’ll give them to who wants them. Help out a fellow Cane!


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Nov 27, 2011
Congrats on the weight loss, man. I’ll take em, if it’s STILL a good day. 😂😂😂 I ain’t a 4X yet, but looks like I’m headed there 😡. 2X is too tight now. Gotta get my ass in somebody’s gym..... pronto. but in the meantime,....

D RevLee

Graduated from hungry, and made it to greedy
Jan 1, 2019
Damn this is a steal for whoever gets these. I would have already hit your cash app if they were my size. All I wear is Adidas so I know for a fact the polos are $50+ and the climaheats/climacools are probably like $120. Somebody needs to jump on this.

Tad Footeball

1996 Interim Big East Conference Commissioner
Feb 6, 2014
This you, Feast? Quit lyin'. You ain't lose any weight you fat f*ck and sellin' all your sh!t ain't gonna motivate you to do so! You'll just use the proceeds to buy a used chocolate waterfall from Golden Corral and some Patriots gear.


*jokes aside- nice job, OP.
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