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2023 5-star DE Hicks travels to UM for Paradise, impressed by Simpson

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Sep 25, 2017
Did they promise a starting spot? It doesn't say that in that cover and I can't read the story.

I'm sure he's aware of who they signed last year. You always sell your successes and that class was a huge success. The message though should always be that you can compete with anyone and a spot is yours if you can take it. Seems people are taking it out if context here to fit a narrative of theirs. That or it says more in the story I can't read, it's surface level.

786 Cane

Redshirt Freshman
Mar 23, 2017
Exactly. Next season there are going to be a lot of teams shopping at the Texas A&M DL overstock portal. Lots of top notch, name brand DLs being cleared out due to lack of room.
And for all the incoming 5 Star Freshman All Americans coming in.