2015 ATH Lewis Goes in Depth on Final 5

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Tito Benach

Staff Writer
Jun 10, 2012
2015 Ocean Lakes (Va.) athlete Jaason Lewis has had a plethora of schools from across the nation contact him over the least 8 months and now he’s narrowed his choice to only 5 schools.

“I have a final 5 right now; in no order it’s Miami, LSU, Ole Miss, Arizona State and Michigan.”

Lewis has a decision date set of September 25th and will likely take visits before and after that choice.

The Hurricanes have long been a school considered as a real threat to land the 6’3 242 pound playmaker out of Virginia and he went in depth of what he likes about them.

“I like Miami because it’s a good fit and they’re the only team I have that wants me as an H-back, it’s always good to have one of those in your top schools to look at and I like what they do with their H-back and how they get them the ball.”

Some other schools including Arizona State and LSU are recruiting the Virginia native exclusively as a running back which brings the question to if he holds a preference for either position.

“I can really play anything on offense it doesn’t really matter to me. I mean I prefer to play running back, but at the same time I can prefer playing H-back, so really I like them both.”

The Rebels are another school that catches Lewis’ interest due to their young talent and great coaching,

“Ole Miss is a school I really like a lot, I love what they do with their backs. They’re a young team, I can come in and play right away. Great coaching and I love playing in the SEC and I heard Ole Miss is a really nice town and place to be. Me and the coaches get a long a lot and talk everyday.”

Arizona State is one school that has secured an official visit already with Lewis and the use of their running backs intrigue him.

“I like the way they run their offense because they’re going to let me play offense and their running backs get good touches out of the backfield and out wide as well.”

The most paramount factor in all of this decision making progress for Lewis will be where he feels the most at home.

“My heart has to be into the place, if I don’t have that feeling when I leave the visit that ‘This is where I want to be at’ then I won’t be at that school. The coaching staff, the players have to love it and the coach has to be laid back, but a winner and a gamer.”
Nice write up, Tito. I am cautiously optimistic about him coming here.

And is there any other Hurricane site even close to output of this one?
Kids going to be 250 before you know it. No chance he's a running back at those schools
Ole Miss / Miami battle?

I wonder if Hugh's "operating budget" has recovered from his 2013 class yet. Those boys were slinging cash & didn't give f#ck. NCAA sure didn't either. It was no secret what they were doing to get that class in.
Thanks tito. 250 pound running back? If the kid is smart he comes here. Play h-back and have endless opportunities as to where and how to get you targets.
Wow physically just reading on him he reminds me of Karlos Williams i mean being that big and being able to play rb or h-back like nothing?! This guy is a want!
We need him to visit. I'm sure he has been down here before since his brother went to school here but it would be nice to get him anyway. LSU is my pick for him right now but I think a visit can change that.
Great write up Tito. You've been putting in some work! I really like this kid a lot and getting him would be a major pull by this staff. Gotta see him in orange and green.
Even if a recruit says, "My top 5, in no order is..." and Miami is the first team listed is kind of reassuring.
Kid be a nightmare at H-back or TE. Great size already and great athleticism to go with the size.
Even if a recruit says, "My top 5, in no order is..." and Miami is the first team listed is kind of reassuring.

Probably has more to do with the fact he was doing an interview for a Miami reporter, than it does Miami being his top team.