2013 DE/TE Luiz Domingues


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Nov 2, 2011
Hialeah (FL) Champagnat High School Class of 2013 DE/TE Luiz Domingues was an unofficial visitor for Miami's game against Duke on Saturday.

And he had a great experience at the game.

"It was awesome," Domingues said. "I liked going on the field, seeing the players really close before the game. It was the homecoming game, and the players played awesome. I liked everything.

"Being in the first row (sitting in the recruiting section), I just loved it."

Domingues says he's been a Hurricane fan "since I was little, since I was 8 years old."

The 6-foot-5, 230-pounder says he didn't get a chance to talk to Cane coaches at the game because he didn't arrive at the stadium early enough, but that he's getting recruited by UM.

"They send me mail, ask me to come to games," he said.

Domingues is waiting on his first early offer but knows where he hopes that initial offer comes from.

"Miami," he says "If they offer, of course I'd be there."

Domingues has 40 tackles and five sacks this season, adding three receptions for 32 yards as a blocking tight end.