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Official 8-4 Club Thread
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Thread: Official 8-4 Club Thread

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    Official 8-4 Club Thread

    DanSileo #93 said: View Post
    look at these little ego turds on here....why dont u guys go start ur own thread and PUMP EACH other...i mean...why are u getting off here...oooo...little men attitude....really...GET A ROOM and u 6 guys and pump one another!
    the goat told us to, so i guess i'll start:


    first topic of conversation:

    who was the best player in the history of the miami hurricanes, and why was it dan sileo?
    i'm not sure how i can post with this raging erichtion.

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    When Dan Sileo turned 18, his parents moved out.

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    When Dan Sileo works out, he doesn't get stronger. The weights do.

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    Press clippings or GTFO.

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    Any way Maryland can take him off our hands?
    Lets get to brass tax, how much for the ape?

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    Dan Sileo is so BAD- the police call him

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    Dan Sileo wears Dan Sileo pajamas.

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    Brb, I'm looking for all my newspaper clipping from hs. I'll be posting them the next two weeks.

    One a day.

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    When Dan Sileo was born, he drove Chuck Norris home from the hospital.

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    When Dan Sillyho #93 farts it smells like fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
    If you need that work, you gotta come to Peter

    "That's why it's always best for 3rd down screens to fail, no matter who you are playing."
    Goober Awsi Booger 11/18/2014

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    Dan Sileo lives vicariuosly through himself.
    #55 Shaq Quarterman, "natural born alpha."

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    Tweed said: View Post
    When Dan Sileo was born, he drove Chuck Norris home from the hospital.
    Funny you mention that. I heard when he was born the Dr didn't spank him , Sileo spanked the Dr.

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    Dan Sileo can speak Russian in French.

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    Who the **** is Dan Sileo?

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    Dan Sileo can close a revolving door!

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    Dan Sileo tied his own shoes once. It was an overrated experience!

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    Pizzle said: View Post
    Who the **** is Dan Sileo?
    Dan Sileo isn't a who, but rather, a why?
    High Pulp OJ

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    A waiter once tipped Dan Sileo for dining at his table
    High Pulp OJ

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