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    Now Luke...

    Wants to blow Corey Bell...First it's Cristobal, then Brewster, now Bell

    Why doesn't he suck Rumph off a little to help UM's cause? (NH )

    Can't stand this loudmouth idiot.
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    skeeter said: View Post
    Wants to blow Corey Bell...First it's Cristobal, then Brewster, now Bell

    Why doesn't he suck Rumph off a little to help UM's cause? (No )

    Can't stand this loudmouth idiot.
    He needs tiny dicks to fill in his gap teeth. Corey Bell fits the mold.

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    Stopped following Luke a long time ago.
    "I'm hurt, dog! Don't ask me if I'm alright! Hell nah! Joaquin said DOMINATE, and we not doin it!"

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    Who cares
    One punch, man.

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    Luke pumps up FSU and UF more than Miami. Remember, this is the same guy that threatened to snitch on Miami in the mid-to-late 90's because we wouldn't start a black QB. He's not a Miami fan. And no one really cares for his opinion. Hell, I believe he still bags on Miami for not offering Devonte Freeman from Miami Central who's now on the Falcons. Dumb cuck keeps forgetting that Randy was the HC at the time.

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    IndayArtHauz said: View Post
    Who cares

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    If you need that work, you gotta come to Peter

    "That's why it's always best for 3rd down screens to fail, no matter who you are playing."
    Goober Awsi Booger 11/18/2014

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    Anybody who believes Luke is a cane is mentally challenged. He is the biggest fraud in South FL, and thats saying something with all the ponzi scheming going on in those parts

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    The problem with "fans" like Luke is if the program isn't run EXACTLY how THEY want it run, they turncoat and rag on the program until their agenda is met. It's gross.

    It's all about Luke, not Miami.
    "Mutual agreement."

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    Cane Dynasty said: View Post
    "Gap teeth in yo mouth, so my d1ck's got to fit!" "with my nuts on yo tonsils, while u on stage rapping at yo wack ass concerts....."

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    Good thing all the cumbags have assured me he's such a big UM fan. Otherwise, I might start questioning his loyalty.

    For those still concerned with Grampy Luke, I'll remind you it's not 1985. These days, when old boy pops that coochie he has to navigate his way around an osteopenic pelvis and the untidiness of a leaky bladder.

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    Hey, at least he gave Coach Rick an A for this class, right? Can't be good without his blessing.

    Luke is not wrong in saying those guys have very strong ties to SoFla, but then again, any guy who grew up in Miami and played ball there does. It's no different for any other local coach. Luke just goes about it like a complete @ss and only does things that benefit him or the guys he's looking out for, which is not the U. He's like every other handler down in SoFla....he gives Randy a bump for taking 1 LB per year and giving his kids free rides.

    That said, I think they will be very tough of the recruiting trail, but it's not the end all be all. Shannon does NOT have a great eye for talent as he states. He has missed on more guys than i can even count, including his stellar MNW class. He usually plays favorites and doesn't play the best player....which gets him into trouble.

    I know nothing about Corey Bell, so i can't comment. I'm most concerned with Seider. He has nice ties and produced some good players over the years. Plus, according to some, he's not afraid to play dirty.

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    Luke is a Piece Of $h!T! Nobody cares what he says anymore. He hasn't been relevant for almost 30 years now.

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    luke trashes the program over and over and over and over. i understand hes mad about shannon but get over it

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    At this point, Luke is just another slime ball "handler" in Miami. His only interest is steering kids towards his wife's sports agency. He does everything under the pretense of "helping out the community" but when's the last time Luke ever helped out a kid who's NOT a star athlete? Seems to me if he's really interested in helping the kids, he'd be helping the kids who aren't going to get a free college education.

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    Luke is such trash! On Twitter I called him out because he's always talking about Miami doesn't offer this kid or that kid from south florida and how we need to hire someone with ties to the community.

    I told him his boy Randy didn't offer Geno Atkins (took a kid out of Texas instead) and failed to recruit and offer Ryan Shazier until the last minute and Shazeir's dad was our team chaplain and friends with Randy for over 20 years.

    **** Luke.

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    Luke ain't ****. When we get that 6th ring he better not jump on the bandwagon. b**** ass

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    Luke has and always be a front running faqqot. Douchebag should be ommited from anything miami related

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    He'll jump back on the second we get good. He's a bum.

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    Luke has been **** for years and this is coming from somebody cool with his son and I can'teven lie. He deserves no attention on here and tbh aanybody who posts about him after tthis should get negged to oblivion

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