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Grayson Allen is a piece of trash
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Thread: Grayson Allen is a piece of trash

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    And...he did it again. He's a habitual tripper. He can't control himself.

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    That was some draymond green level stuff from Allen. Inconclusive? bwahahaha. ACC scared of Corch K/Duke.

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    He lost the benefit of the doubt.

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    What a joke, there is no way, no way that guy should be sniffing a basketball court right now. It's called a trend, and BC is the latest victim. He is a mental midget and needs to be suspended more than a minute and seek psychiatric help.

    Semper Canes!!!

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    It must take all the self control in the world for an opposing player to not deck that asshole. He makes Christian Laettner seem gentlemanly.

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    The ACC is a joke. Just not a funny one. How can anyone call that inconclusive? Allen should be suspended further for his own sake. The kid obviously has a real problem.

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    At this point he should be suspended for the rest of the season. He's a menace.

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    I'm the LAST person to play the race card but why aren't we looking at his parental structure to dissect what created such a wreckless punk thug with no respect for authority or structure? What "element" is Coach Ghey recruiting to Durham?
    "I don't think we should be too hung up on being Number 1."

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    Allen shoved an FSU assistant coach last night

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    I hate FSU as much as the next Miami fan, but I was so glad they gave Duke the business last night. Their fans gave Grayson Allen hell every time he touched the ball. And when he was fouled hard and hit the deck they gave a standing ovation. Good stuff. I hope our fans show up and do the same when they come to Miami.

    And if Duke were to go up big and put the game out of reach, Coach L needs to burn a timeout and then come out of that timeout screaming "SOMEBODY HIT SOMEBODY" and everyone go for Grayson Allen.
    It's not a lie if you believe it.

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    Notsince1985 said: View Post
    Allen shoved an FSU assistant coach last night
    WTF is wrong with this kid?

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