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  1. Salt

    Now what with qbs?

    I don't think we win that game if Jarren was starting. Two plays Perry made that ultimately won the game that Jarren would not have. The 4th down scramble that kept our 1st drive alive. And, of course, the td he made near end of game that pretty much sealed it. Perry just seems more decisive...
  2. Salt

    Hire a dedicated special teams coach, please

    Granted, we still have a ways to go as a team to get back in the upper echelon, but damn it that’s 2 games in a row where special teams play has cost us.
  3. Salt

    OT- suggestion for mods

    Since OT threads are being allowed on the Football board why not just have an OT board where these intrusive topics can be discussed by interested parties outside of football talk? I personally don't mind OT threads but I also understand the beef some have with them being on what should be an...
  4. Salt

    Diaz vs Enos

    Back in 2015 Enos as Arkansas OC/QB coach faced MSU's Diaz DC/LB coach. Don't think I have seen this posted but thought people might want to look at how they fared against each other.
  5. Salt

    Manny on record saying 3 candidates

    and the fourth would be terrific or something like that. These posters cough- harrycarayisgoat -cough are just throwing names out they'd want to have not necessarily Diaz. And if it is 3 candidates that means he has narrowed things down and is focused on those 3 only. Initially, Manny's camp...
  6. Salt

    Diaz first rookie mistake?

    In his ESPN interview it sure sounded like he had someone big “that would be a big shot in the arm” of current players and recruits. He certainly raised expectations a few notches. That first sounded to me like Fedora. Maybe things, like in the recruiting world, have quickly changed and he may...
  7. Salt

    OT: the ghost of D'onofrio

    Is alive and well. Anyone watching Army vs Houston will see the Houston dline purposely lined up about a yard off the line of scrimmage. Supposedly this is to allow the defense to "identify" any misdirection. LOL By the time it is identified the runner is already 3-4 yards downfield with a...
  8. Salt

    Did we win today?

    Could not tell by the subject titles on threads.
  9. Salt

    Hartley and Special Teams

    For all the knock Hartley gets for having his unit underperform, which is well-deserved, I will give him some credit for this adjustment. If you noticed that one punt return where Dallas basically had the whole left side of the field wide open for a huge return, that was the result of putting...
  10. Salt

    Decision to pull Rosier early

    The second offensive series when it was like a 3rd and 5 or 6, Malik handed off and the play got a few yards but short of the 1st down. Was that an audible? Strange play call if it came from the sidelines. Looking at replay I thought I noticed Richt talking to Malik on the sidelines about it and...
  11. Salt

    Butch never coached against Richt?

    When I asked Davis about Richt in August 2016 — nine months after Davis was bypassed for the UM coaching job — Davis said: “I have no familiarity with him. I never coached against him. If you ask him, I’m sure he would say his record stands for itself.” Read more here: Here’s the development...
  12. Salt

    Didn't know this...

    Florida International University Panthers - Andreu Swasey - Staff Directory - FIU Athletics Apparently, was promoted from asst. to the strength and conditioning coach. Does that mean he is allowed in the weight room now?
  13. Salt

    One thing I am looking for this week

    Is to hear one of the backups is equally sharing 1st team reps at practice with Rozer (yeah I know it's misspelled). I am sticking to what the announcers were calling him last night. Seems fitting.
  14. Salt

    Any news on Hall?

    Anyone know how his rehab is going? Is he on track to be ready for Fall camp? Bueller?
  15. Salt

    5 stages of fan grief concerning our qbs

    1. Denial- no way Malik will start. Nkosi and Williams are simply more athletic and Nkosi has a year of the offense under his belt. Still a long ways to go. 2. Anger- Damn it. If Richt had only played Nkosi in some games and gotten him game experience last year we wouldn't be in this...
  16. Salt

    Deejay-my hot take

    Has all the makings of a Heisman candidate and will be in the running next year. He has so many opportunities to have impact on a game through special teams, playing running back, wild cat formations, and flexed out as receiver. Even in his limited play thus far you see the kind of impact he...
  17. Salt

    Rosier's post game interview

    Not sure if anyone caught what he said when asked how he is able to bounce back from his turnovers. He said that 2 years ago when the qb was having a rough game noone would come talk with him for reassurance. This year, the defense comes up to him and lets him know they have his back and not...
  18. Salt

    Winning Culture

    One thing that I would definitely say "we back". Our guys believe in themselves and believe we can win even when faced with adversity; more so than any team in the past few years despite talent differential. That is the first ingredient of a great team. They have also bought in entirely to what...
  19. Salt

    One thing that bothered me

    Is how we defended GTs run option. It seemed the guy assigned to the qb would be in position to force the pitch but would let up instead of hitting the qb. I thought by not doing this you are not disrupting the timing of the play and increasing your chances of a turnover. While technically...
  20. Salt

    Burns probably on travel team now

    according to Richt. Sounds like Dallas may be a possibility as a 3rd back, but looks primarily like Homer and Choc for now (if your read between the lines). University of Miami running back Mark Walton to undergo season-ending surgery on ankle | Miami Herald