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  1. JeddTheFisch

    Who in a position of power in this program deserves to stay? And why?

    I want to hear a defense of any of this.
  2. JeddTheFisch

    I was wrong

    Here to eat crow **** after this team proved me wrong as **** and beat UVag
  3. JeddTheFisch

    Corching staff

    Is this a joke?
  4. JeddTheFisch

    Who is enrolling?

    Any word on whether Hill and Nnoruka are enrolled? I believe today is the last day to register for new classes for this summer session.
  5. JeddTheFisch

    I'm ready to come back

    If you're ready for a return of vertical and horizontal stretches, triangles, and the ever-reliable snag, The Fisch is ready to take his talents back to Coral Gables.