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  1. OldhamA

    ACC officiating

    Let me get this on the table - the refs AREN'T the reason we lost. We just can't get out of our own way. That said, good lord are they bent. An unbelievable amount of dubious calls went against us, AGAIN, on the road against a Carolina team. If our AD has any balls he needs to get us out of...
  2. OldhamA

    Texas A&M v Clemson

    Very interested in this game. I happen to think Jimbo is a great college coach - hoping they at least give Clemson a game!
  3. OldhamA

    Duplicate game thread - please delete

    Anyone else watching this game with interest? If UCF continue this type of run much longer it's going to be a Big 4 in Florida and they're going to be a problem for us.
  4. OldhamA

    This insane fanbase

    Look at the activity on this board tonight. The threads are blowing up. I swear you masochists get off on Miami losing. It's all about being proven right - Cristobal, Butch, Golden re-tread etc. We were terrible, I get it. I'm as frustrated as the next guy - that was a devastating loss and...
  5. OldhamA

    GT v Louisville

    Friday Night ACC action. Is anyone else watching this pillow fight? I'm curious to see how bad Louisville (and by extension FSU) are, as well as checking in on a future opponent.
  6. OldhamA

    The U or The U Part 2

    Over here in England BT Sport have shown the two Miami 30 for 30s back to back nights. I'm curious, which one do you guys prefer and why?
  7. OldhamA

    Stacey Coley - NFL Draft

    So I'm participating in a community wide mock draft elsewhere on t'internet. I'm trying to understand why Coley is being pegged as a 5th rounder. In my eyes he's the best WR to come through here in a while (Richards is going to surpass him, but he's better than Hurns, Waters, Dorsett...
  8. OldhamA

    ACC Championship Game

    Clemson 7-0 already on the first drive of the game. Is this even going to be close?
  9. OldhamA

    The Run Pass Option

    I have a question for the football minded people on the board. When did Richt fall in love with this concept? Were his Georgia teams destroyed by it during his time there? The commentators (NC game) were saying that he was drawing up some RPO plays on a grease-board for them this week and...
  10. OldhamA

    President Frenk

    I haven't seen the Richt press conference yet, but one of the main things to come out of today is what was posted on the Hurricanes twitter feed: It's probably just rhetoric, but that's exactly what you want to hear your President say. He gets it - football put this university on the...
  11. OldhamA

    Juniors Returning

    No thread on this? I think it's huge that Perryman, Walford, Chickillo and Feliciano are returning. Clearly they buy into what's happening at the U.
  12. OldhamA

    Clemson at NC St

    Anyone else watching this? I think Clemson will run away with it, but I'm hoping NC St can at least make a game of it. Down 3-0 already with their WR dropping a deep throw (where have we seen that before!?).
  13. OldhamA

    ESPN College Pass

    Hi guys, So confession to make here - I'm a foreign fan. Does anyone know if ESPN College Pass will show every 'Canes game for this season? Last year I managed to get by with dodgy internet streams, but I couldn't find every single game and often the quality was ****! Hopefully...