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    Fresh Jake Garcia thread

    Do we still have a shot at Preston Stone?
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    2020 Safety Brian Balom Offered If you sort by newest, there are 3 (South Broward, American Heritage, Dillard)
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    Jaelan philips putting on weight

    This kid and GR15 off the edge should be nuts
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    Banda tweet

    Isn’t sept 1st some big day on the recruiting calendar as far as being able to contact upcoming juniors?
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    Banda tweet

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    Issiah Walker Jr.

    They always say with kids like this you want the 3rd commitment. At this rate , it seems UF may be commit #2 for him. Win some games and things may shake in our favor.
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    Javier Morton 4 star DB from Georgia GT leading
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    Xavier Restrepo first two games

    Think staff is leaning towards starting him on defense?
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    Henry Parrish, 2020 RB

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    Kelvin Joseph LSU transfer portal

    If I was dreaming, it'd be nice if Bethel leaving resulted in us having more interest and pulling in Joseph
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    Kelvin Joseph LSU transfer portal

    Idk if it means anything, but he did just follow Chad Thomas and Rumph.
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    Visitor's List for Gators

    Issiah Walker Avantae Williams Marcus Fleming Donell Harris Jaylen Harrell Romello height 2021 kids Jason marshall Corey Collier Savion Collins Terrence Lewis Romello Brinson Brantley Tim Burns Jr. Keanu Koht
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    Official depth chart vs Turds

    Florida depth chart:
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    USA Today names STA #1 in country

    Only ones I recall of the top of my head considering us at the moment are: DL Tyreak Sapp 2021 Ot Julian Armella 2022 Jahvante Royal DB 2019 For 2019, can look at the Rosemy, Wingo and Betty types as well although they won't be coming to Miami.
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    HS Football thread 😈😈😈

    From a nole fan that was at the game
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    Canes Media Day