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    Jeshon Ingraham

    You’ll see more kids from Palm Beach Lakes emerge in Palm Beach County. Dwyer lost about 45 students in a week once Jack retired.
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    Dwyer High

    HC Jack Daniels is retiring. Nobody from the current staff is interested currently. Could change a lot with recruiting and northern/central PBC.
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    Joshua Pierre-Louis (2020 DB)

    We’ll have a shot because of his coach joining the U. His coach liked him better than Elam.
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    Elam A Possiblilty

    I know his coaches, his father, and uncle. This is a UF UGA battle. His coaches all told me UGA. One coach said he wasn’t built to be a CB at the college level. He feels he’ll be a WR. I was also told he has a teammate that is better than him. Last name Louis, I believe. He is a Junior.
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    Jalar Holley

    I spoke with his trainer recently. He said he will be sticking no matter what. He also said that he’s a perfect 3 tech DT. Pass rushing specialists. He has been training him since the 9th grade and spoke very highly of him.
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    Kaiir Elam

    Spoke with a coach of his today about his ability. He told me that he sees him playing WR in college and not corner. Surprised me with that. Felt he wasn’t mentally all there to play corner.
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    announced attendance vs FIU

    I’m section 117 and didn’t sit in my seat at all. Too hot. There were a lot of people by the bars.
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    Don Chaney

    Him and the kid from Lakeland are legit.
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    OT: Best high school player you ever saw in person?

    Anquan Bolden. Couldn’t be stopped. His junior year we beat them. His senior year he was on another level.