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  1. TheOriginalCane

    Ace Cafe event - parking

    Overflow parking cane be accesses off of ROBINSON, just past the train tracks. See you there!
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    F the Gators!

  3. TheOriginalCane

    If you don't want to grill in the rain...

    This spot near downtown Orlando, Pig Floyd's, is doing a $99 tailgate special. The owner is from Miami, I've been to the restaurant many times.
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    Recruiting costs soaring...
  5. TheOriginalCane

    2024 to be best UM football schedule since 1987...

    Alright, in 2024, Miami will play... Florida Notre Dame F$U VaTech That's 4 of our best games from 1987, my sophomore year at UM and my first chance to see us win a national championship. Now, hear me out...we get Blake to flip the Miami (OH) game from 2023 to 2024 (replacing FAMU)...and we...
  6. TheOriginalCane

    SoFla recruiting old-heads, what happened here?

    Why was he rated so low at Norland, and why was he not recruited more highly? Grades?
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    Smart Canes fan, plans his wedding for a week before UM-UF game

    Congrats to Dewey! By the way, his wife is the daughter of legendary Boston drummer Sib Hashian.
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    I know we've had a bunch of different threads in the past, but now that we are in the final week, I thought it would be good to post all of the available information in one location. IF A MODERATOR CAN PIN THIS FOR THE WEEK, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT. I will update this throughout the week if...
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    UM and Gaytors discussing a new home-and-home (possibly as early as 2023)
  10. TheOriginalCane

    Ohio Taint trying to trademark the word "The"
  11. TheOriginalCane

    Manny really understands the IC rules and issues

    Hale: What's your thoughts on loosening the restraints on transfers? Should they be immediately eligible? Diaz: Before we get the transfer house in order, we have to figure out how to replace the initial scholarships. What happens is, you can use three or four guys at one position, but because...
  12. TheOriginalCane

    Looks like regular orange jersey vs. UF
  13. TheOriginalCane

    "Official" UMAA-sponsored tailgate for UM-UF game

    OK, so I just got the e-mail. Gameday, 4-6 pm, $50 for adults, $40 for under-21. At "Tinker Field", which is the site of the old baseball field, just west of the Stadium (287 S. Tampa Avenue). The rest is a cut-and-paste, so don't blame me for the hype. Fully air conditioned tent next to...
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    Just got off the phone with Spectrum re: ACC Network

    OK, so I called in to Spectrum (Orlando) to do the whole "I want my MTV" thing, and to tell them if they did NOT add the ACC Network, that I was going to cut the cord. And I'm not sure if I spoke to a complete moron (I have other reasons for saying that), but I was told the following. She said...
  15. TheOriginalCane

    Lonnie Walker

    For what it's worth, I watched the abbreviated Magic-Spurs summer league game last night, and Lonnie Walker looked fantastic. Not the toughest of competition, but he looks healthy and ready to go.
  16. TheOriginalCane

    UM-UF party Friday night 8/23 at Ace Cafe in Orlando

    No cover charge, just go to the FB page, RSVP, and share with others. Let's take this place over, we just need the word of mouth (since we're not getting support from UM).
  17. TheOriginalCane

    NCAA baseball article - unpaid coaches, not enough scholarship money
  18. TheOriginalCane

    Hurricane Club - we're no LSU

    One sign of renewed enthusiasm about the program: Donations to the Hurricane Club, in the fiscal year ending May 31, were up $900,000 from the previous year, to more than $6.2 million. What’s more, more than 3,600 people donated to the Hurricane Club during the past year, compared with a bit...
  19. TheOriginalCane

    Emmert makes nearly 4 million from non-profit, players make nothing

    F this guy...60% raise...and we are supposed to sympathize, because he "only" got a 40K raise the year before.
  20. TheOriginalCane

    Need a 21-day update

    So it looks like we have 3 weeks left in this signing period. I know that Enaruna is still out there among HS recruits. So can Charlie or Consigliere or someone give a quick summary of who we are still in the mix with, both HS and Portal recruits? Thanks in advance for the knowledge!