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  1. KrazyCane

    Poll: Do You Think We Would have a better record with a different QB

    I think we would’ve have won at least 1 game with either of the other two QBs. But you can’t pick both in this poll so my vote is for Tate. Lol I gave Tate a hard time during the QB competition but after evaluating the last two games I believe Tate’s running ability would’ve been an added big...
  2. KrazyCane

    Trajan Bandy needs to move to Safety for our defense to work this season

    Because Gurvan Hall ain’t ready and Robert Knowles is about as slow as Ivey. Thoughts?
  3. KrazyCane

    Has the Manny Diaz Gimmick Defense Run It’s Course??

    Teams seem to have figured out how to exploit every weakness in this Diaz / Baker hybrid 4-2-5 bs. Am I the only one that has noticed right before the ball is snapped you can see gaps in the defense and soon as the ball is snapped the opposing teams offense gashes us in that same area? This...
  4. KrazyCane

    Jarren has dethroned Kaaya as the Dink and Donk us to Death KING 👑.

    I WARNED YALL ABOUT THIS DINK AND DONK BS... completion percentage always looks so pretty but then you lose because you only can get 1 to 2 passing TDs a game out of it. I told some of y’all before the season that I can’t survive watching another Kaaya style Dink and Donk offense but this ****...
  5. KrazyCane


    The Falcons just signed Julio Jones to a 3 year 66 million dollar extension, ALL GUARANTEED, with 64 million due at signing... making him the highest paid WR in history!! :rickflair2: That’s how you show love to the best WR all time who has never been a locker room cancer or stereotypical WR...
  6. KrazyCane

    THE TOUCHDOWN “RINGS”... not a fan.

    We doing this every time we score a Touchdown??... too gimicky to me. Thoughts?
  7. KrazyCane

    We can’t have 3 freshmen starting at the most important positions on offense

    This is the first thing that needs to be re-evaluated immediately as we push forward the rest of the season. Jarren Williams, Zion Nelson, and John Campbell... having 3 freshman starting at QB, LT, and RT will end this teams season early if this is our only option. Jarren Williams is set at...
  8. KrazyCane

    We are winning the rest of the games on the schedule

    Who all agrees? :stormwarningflag-sm: :stormwarningflag-sm: :stormwarningflag-sm::stormwarningflag-sm::stormwarningflag-sm:
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    Your 3 impact players if NCAA college football was out this season

    For those who don’t know bc they were born yesterday or lived under a rock and never played NCAA college football when it was out... the game preselected 3 impact players for each team. Two on one side of the team and one on the other. The impact star provided a boost giving players the...
  10. KrazyCane

    More Richie Incognito’s less Johnathan Martins - OLine topic

    That’s how our Oline play will improve... we need more bullies and less rainbows. Who on the oline has the right stuff that it takes to bully a soft mfkr on the oline not carrying their weight?? It can’t always be on Nesta Silvera... we need a guy like Corey Gaynor or Navaughn Donaldson that...
  11. KrazyCane

    I missed the scrimmage due to being locked up all weekend

    Just got out late last night how the team looking?
  12. KrazyCane

    Been gone for a month a lot has changed...

    COACH MFKN DIAZ SWITCHING **** UP!! If you believe we’re winning the ACC and going to the cfb playoffs next year this the thread for you!! :rickflair2:
  13. KrazyCane


    The way the cfb playoffs are decided 2002 2004 2005 2007 2012 .... would’ve been damn near locks for at least the 4th spot in the playoffs with a 2nd or 3rd spot in a couple of those years. 2003 an outside chance as well bc two of their three losses being to a one loss LSU team. And the...
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    OFFICIAL Don’t Fire Mark Richt Thread

    Mark Richt is signed until 2023 that’s 5 more years. We will have 2-3 ACC championships and 1 or 2 national championships by then. All with Richt running the show!! :rickflair2: Vote and Let everybody know how much you support Coach Mark Richt. Votes are private so your vote will count...
  16. KrazyCane

    Champions are built from seasons like this

    Adversity brings out the beast!! This team is going to come together and have a big season next year.
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    I just need some clarification bc it seems like if you’re personally attacking people who stick up for the program or if you’re personally attacking the HC and the players it’s fair game... but if you respond with a personal attack back to all the dck riding SEC, Urban Meyer, and Butch Davis...
  18. KrazyCane

    Sheldrick Redwine is the best safety on the team

    Jaquan Johnson is elite so this isn’t a knock on JJ at all still one of the best safeties to play at Miami but so is Sheldrick Redwine. Redwine has elevated his game imo to an elite level and is just as good if not better than JJ... honestly for the season I give Redwine the slight edge...
  19. KrazyCane

    This offense scores 40+ with a QB like Tua

    He’s hitting All the wide open Receivers constantly being missed by our QBs not reading the defense or going through progressions. .... am I 10000% right or what like always smh 🤦‍♂️
  20. KrazyCane


    He’s going to get the ship back on the right track no worries...