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  1. Miami04

    Any way to watch last weeks game?

    Because I was at the game and I like to rewatch them on tv to see what I missed.
  2. Miami04

    Virginia Tech Game Time

    I think it has 7:30 pm ACC network written all over it.
  3. Miami04

    SIAP Huff and Cameron Williams redshirting this season

    The new rule was put into place in 2016
  4. Miami04

    Any way to watch last weeks game?

    I was at the game and the power went off at home so the DVR only got two hours. For some reason even though I subscribe to the channel though Charter I can't re-watch it on the ESPN app and this year they don't seem to be putting the games on YouTube. Any solutions?
  5. Miami04

    Never been more excited about Coastal

    After CMU I expect us to lose every game. I learned after the first two weeks it just makes dealing with the pain easier and the wins a pleasant surprise.
  6. Miami04

    Two NFL caliber throws

    I thought the same thing
  7. Miami04

    Portal Talk: Now that we know where we are

    LSU got a great one just last year. They are out there.
  8. Miami04

    DT run defense

    And way worse against the pass. We can’t have nice things.
  9. Miami04

    The ACC Sucks

    This is one of the worst years in the ACC in a bunch of years.
  10. Miami04

    One more stat. Away conf games

    Since 2011 Golden’s first year, we are 16-18 on the road in the ACC. These stats don’t mean much I know but I’ve really been thinking about just how bad we’ve truly been over the last decade.
  11. Miami04

    Upon Further Review- North Carolina

    I’m so disappointed that I can’t get my thoughts together but when I see these post I do understand what Manny is saying. You can see it coming. It’s just mental errors here and there from coaches and players keeping us from being pretty good. It doesn’t feel like it felt with Golden but maybe...
  12. Miami04

    Harder stat to believe ?

    Some bad things happening when we actually play the games.
  13. Miami04

    What is your realistic outlook....

    I said after UF this is a 10-2 to 8-4 team. Still is. Too many holes. This 5 game home stand will tell us a lot about the team and about Manny.
  14. Miami04


    2019 L UF 2018 L LSU 2018 L UW 2017 L Clemson ACC title game. ( you can not count this one) 2017 L UW 2016 L ND 2016 W WVU 2015 L WSU 2014 L Nebraska 2014 L USC 2013 L Louisville 2012 L KSU 2012 L ND 2010 L OSU 2010 L ND 2009 L UW As I said. All away or neutral non conference games against P5...
  15. Miami04


    Our loss to UF got me thinking so I did some research and I’m a week late with my post but this is how far we’ve fallen. Miami is 1-15 in its last 16 games against P5 non conference schools away from home. Neutral or away. This goes back to 2009. The only win was the bowl game against WVU in...
  16. Miami04

    Any actual comments from Manny after last night’s disaster?

    Very first question. Audio cuts in after question is asked
  17. Miami04


    Did he ever do anything in the NFL?
  18. Miami04

    Canes with the third-most players on NFL opening rosters

    Our problem is we have some great players but not great teams. Our current OL is a perfect example of Miami the last decade.
  19. Miami04

    E. Njoku to TE

    I can't wait to see us line up in a 5 TE set.
  20. Miami04

    Miami -6 vs UNC

    We are going to murder them. Manny will never forget what Mack did to him.