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  1. k9cane

    Y'all shut the Fvck up!

    It's funny, but I look back at the Butch years(before 2000) and I actually look back with fondness to a certain degree, believe it or not. Because for the first decade as a fan, I saw nothing but national championship caliber football, for the most part. And when the good times came back, I...
  2. k9cane

    C. Michigan - are we taking them seriously?

    Lets be honest, before the last 2 minutes of the first half, that was a dreary performance by UM - then it picked up. But Im hoping UM starts to really develop some confidence and momentum the next few weeks (and yes, Im expecting them to win the next couple of games ) before what could be a...
  3. k9cane

    Two NFL caliber throws

    He gets more decisive each week with this throws, he's coming along well. I thought he was a bit off the first quarter and a half, but he got rolling. Lets hope he, along with the rest of the offense can keep building momentum before UVA
  4. k9cane

    How many consecutive seasons can we be a "young team"?

    Trav, go back to the 1st season under Richt, true freshman have played a key role in every season, and it's not just a few guys. In my view, if youre recruiting well, you'll have players who will contribute immediately ( except for maybe lineman as they physically develop for a year or two)
  5. k9cane

    How many consecutive seasons can we be a "young team"?

    you do that, and recruiting becomes that much more difficult. This ain't the 80s, kids expect to play early, nowadays . And most programs who recruit at a certain level get blue Chip talent out there as soon as possible
  6. k9cane

    Vegas says C Mich is better than Bethune

    St Thomas Aquinas High School might be better than Bethune Cookman
  7. k9cane

    Props to Mike Harley

    As Jarren gets more comfortable, I see Harley breaking more plays. I think this WR crew will be really good soon, across the board
  8. k9cane

    Experience Matters

    Heg, in my view, I think 2-2 is a VERY safe assumption. They should beat Vatech at home That UVA game on Friday night is my view a chance to re-set the season. To me, that game is huge. Im in the minority on this board, I think the Hoo's are a very tough out(well-coached an disciplined, if not...
  9. k9cane

    2019 Manny Diaz - State your Stance

    I think his team will find a way to beat Bethune Cookman this weekend
  10. k9cane

    Enos, Baker evaluate team, breakdown film after loss to UNC

    that was very D'onofrio-esque, those statements...
  11. k9cane

    We are 2-7 the last 9 games

    As Bill Parcells says: you are what your record says you are.....
  12. k9cane

    The hard truth

    you talk about Jarren's stats, at the end of the day -- 25 points in todays college game just isn't good enough bottom line. (And this is coming from the driver of his bandwagon. He could've played better, actually the whole offense could have - and has to.) I think he made some real strides in...
  13. k9cane

    Jarren Williams is a stud.

    Also, I thought we wasted that first drive with those short throws to the WR's, to me, establishing the run game with Deejay right off the bat was the way to go. But again, easy to second guess from a bar, regardless, I'd like to see both Dallas and Cam be used more in the short passing...
  14. k9cane

    Jarren Williams is a stud.

    Machete, my only (small)gripe with Enos is that I wish he'd go with a bit of a quicker tempo, but maybe with that defense of ours, they want to win that time of possession battle and shorten games a bit. Regardless, with this years unit, the offense will consistently have to get into the 30's...
  15. k9cane

    Jarren Williams is a stud.

    If this Oline can continue to jell, Im really excited to see what this offense can be by November. I think we're fine on that side of the ball with Enos. It's that other side that has me worried...
  16. k9cane

    Fully expect to be 2-2

    LOL, hey love your enthusiasm, but lets just win a game first
  17. k9cane

    Fully expect to be 2-2

    Vatech is bad, that shouldn't be a litmus test, at all. To me, that's a very solid, well-coached UVa squad Especially, since this year the Hokies come to Hard Rock. I just want to see some solid wins being put together
  18. k9cane

    Fully expect to be 2-2

    Id even get a new student to play the role of Sebastian the Ibis... bring back John Routh!!
  19. k9cane

    Fully expect to be 2-2

    LOL, Im actually thinking everyone that had a hand in hiring him, too. As Brian Billick once said about the instant replay system -- it's time to blow the whole thing up