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  1. FUGators FUNoles

    Let's schedule the Turds for 2023, too ...

    Got the home-and-home on tap for 2024 (Gainesville) and 2025 (JRS). Why not add a rematch in Orlando beforehand in 2023? We got Miami (OH) and Texas A&M at home and Temple on the road in '23. UF has FSU and Charlotte at home that season with a Division I-AA lightweight sure to be added in the...
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    UM reputation vs. FSU/UF realities

    Guarantee way more rule breaking and criminal **** gone down at either of those two schools than at The U the last decade or so. Not even close. Very possibly the two most renegade programs in all of College Football are located in our state just two hours from another. Pretty ridiculous when...
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    What do you hate MOST about UF Gators?

    We all got a long-ass list. But what is your No. 1 reason? I'm going with ARROGANCE. Followed closely by DELUSION. Been that way ever since I was a youngin' raised up all over North Florida. Hasn't changed all these years later.
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    Who is this putz Luke Stampini?

    Big boss and lead circle jerker at Swamp247 calling his shot for 8/24 in O-Town: Says "I got UF as an easy cover"
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    UM-UF: Anybody remember Orlando in '76 or Tampa in '84?

    Those are the in-state neutral site games in modern series history (there were two games at the Gator Bowl stadium in Jacksonville during the late 50's) Canes got beat 19-10 at the Citrus Bowl in 1976.. Canes won 32-20 at Tampa Stadium in 1984. Any recollections from those particular matchups?
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    Crowd split 8/24 in Orlando?

    About 1 hour, 45 minute drive from Jortsville to the Tangerine Bowl stadium (call it that cause I'm old). A little over 3 hours from Miami proper (at least that's what I remember). Even with all the UFag "fans" in the Orlando and Tampa areas, I think we can fill close to 40 percent of the...
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    OT: North Florida gonna North Florida

    Welcome to the land of Holes and Turds ... LINK: Surprising? No
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    Just 227 days until UM-uf in Orlando ...

    Now Jalen Hurts (and a few more key grad transfers), wouldn't you like to give a beatdown to the phucken GayTurds on August 31?
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    Roger Harriott + St. Thomas Aquinas = Texas + Mack Brown?

    Persuasive recruiter. Shakes hands, kisses babies and says all the right things publicly, what the media likes to call "a class act" Beats the teams made up of players who he wouldn't give the time of day Faces well-coached team with reasonable amount of talent Falls apart
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    How good is Carol City in 2018?

    Got to be thinking about those Miami-Date juggernauts from recent years ... Northwestern 2007 Booker T Washington 2013 Central 2013 Got to see them all play either on TV or in person ... those three were as good as I've seen in four decades of following high school football closely. (A...
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    OT: What's your favorite city in Florida other than Miami?

    Killing time while we count down to the 63rd renewal for this Sunshine State rivalry. Born and raised in North Florida, so I'm gonna stay with what I know: 1. Jax 2. Pensacola 3. Daytona Beach 4. Ocala (been liking it a lot more in the last week or two) Don't like: Gainesville + Tallahassee...
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    Coming to Miami: The Pride of Florida State University Football

    That's right — the sassiest and sauciest of its kind. The "Turnover Backpack Purse" is officially part of FSU's once-proud football program. How should we greet our Michael Kors bag carrying visitors from Tallahassee on Saturday?
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    UFailure and Mississippi State

    Watching Dan Mullen lose on his first trip back to his former school would certainly piss off Turd Nation. So let's hope it happens.
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    Added benefit of FSU football collapse

    Will be just a handful of Semenholes at Joe Robbie Stadium in 2 weeks. Those front-runners are disappearing like cockroaches when the lights come on. No way they got the heart to come witness Beatdown '18. :stormwarningflag-sm:
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    Canes who want FSU to turn it around because it's good for the rivalry

    Heard a self-identified Miami fan say on sports talk radio yesterday that Willie's faceplant negatively impacts us because we need them to be good, too, in order to "elevate the Miami brand" to the national college football media and audience. The guy went on for like 10 minutes, laying out all...
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    Odds that Willy T. is FSU's coach on November 25?

    Holes wrap up the season at home against the Turds on Nov. 24. Best-case scenario (wins-wise), the Fruity Backpackers go 4-8. Do finances come into play and Willy T gets to flounder for another season? Or does FSU's gutless administration cave in to its redneck fan base and pull the trigger...
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    FSU is a Top 25 team?

    Yes, according to this AP poll voter from the Detroit Free Press LINK: 4th quarter rallies to beat Samford are a big deal
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    Are you a fan of any other teams besides The Canes?

    NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, European soccer or some other professional league? Another college in addition to UM? Maybe even a high school you attended, your kids currently attend or one near where you live now? My list would be: 1. UM (especially football) 2. Whomever's playing Florida and Florida...
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    Future UF non-conference schedules

    2018 Charleston Southern (I-AA) Colorado State Idaho (I-AA) @FSU 2019 UM (Orlando) UT-Martin (I-AA) Towson State (I-AA) FSU 2020 Eastern Washington (I-AA) South Alabama New Mexico State @FSU Also see where they gave USF a two-for-one and will ride a bus to Tampa in 2023. Fun fact: Their...