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  1. Cookie917

    Marquez Ezzard

    I mean no one knows what he or Tate put in their waivers so trying to argue on it is purely speculative.... I think a big difference no one has touched on is he is transferring in conference to an opponent we play this year. Aside from Nick Starkel, can anyone else name a kid who transferred...
  2. Cookie917

    Gator Tears

    yes that is what made it worse.... It initially was called incomplete on the field, they went and reviewed and overturned the call to make it a catch.
  3. Cookie917

    Opponent Film Preview: Florida Gators

    yup and FSU by like halfffff a yard
  4. Cookie917

    Gator Tears

    A lottttt of people forget that we got screwed in that game late in the 3rd Quarter.... This was the only video I could find and the quality sucks but jump to the 10:24 mark.... 3rd and 9, they are up 9-3 on our 33 with 30 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. I would have taken my chances with a...
  5. Cookie917

    Official depth chart vs Turds

    This.... the listed "starters" for WR and DL do not mean much IMO.... the entire 2 deep on the Dline will get substantial playing time as will the 4th and 5th WR.
  6. Cookie917

    Official depth chart vs Turds

    Good to see Jhvontae Dean make an appearance so I know how to pronounce his name.... FFS
  7. Cookie917

    OT- Rashan Gary offered 300k as a recruit during his recruitment

    No they won the bidding war and paid him $350k lol therefore he technically still did turn down $300k to play for another school...
  8. Cookie917

    Gator Tears

    Forgot to note that their "amazing" wr produced one (1) WR who had more than 400 yards receiving all of last season.
  9. Cookie917


    hahaha mannnn you know what I meant... how about Barrow's hit on Vanover? Dan Morgan INT vs FSU? better? For the record, I would much rather have a guy who is consistent over a guy that provides ONE big highlight. However, Shaq has been more than consistent a 4 year starter and leader of a top...
  10. Cookie917


    I could be wrong but I think he is not questioning his day in/day out ability and production but just saying he needs to have that one big game moment where he will be remembered for it.... He is a great Cane but I think he is commenting as to that one play for example Hester KO return vs. UF...
  11. Cookie917


    Ok I had to look it up... Per ESPN LSU 156 yds, 41 attempts, 3.8 avg DUke 146 yrds, 30 attempts, 4.9 avg Vtech: 119 yds, 33 attempts, 3.6 avg UVA: 143 yds, 41 attempts, 3.5 avg Wisc: 333 yrds, 58 attempts, 5.7 avg Out of all those teams we held every team under their avg except for Duke
  12. Cookie917


    Hard to diagnose just looking at it like that.... Obviously LSU broke the one long run when I don't believe either LB was on the field, Wisc, we got manhandled at Oline, UVA I think their QB ran for a bunch of yards. Don't recall Duke or Vtech but I think giving up 110 yards TOTAL on the ground...
  13. Cookie917

    Rumor: Possible injury to UF starting OL

    Slightly OT here but is it just me or do you all, say if you see someone cut you off with a cane plate let it slide but it someone cuts you off far less and has a gator or nole plate it is instant road rage and I will miss my exit just to get in front of them for a good quality few brake checks?
  14. Cookie917

    Free Roscoe!

    I am HOPING this is a crazy Ex making stuff up.... but according to the warrant him and his ol' lady of many years broke up, she blocked him on everything, then he started writing handwritten notes one allegedly said “You b---- haha I found you, from your ex.” The notes continued. On July 27...
  15. Cookie917

    Bolden #21

    "Tough crowd" : you have been around since 2011, you should know this. "its a legit point" : you have been around since 2011 you should know this doesn't matter "Sorry I thought this was a discussion board" : Are you really sorry? Or just saying that to appease us, also discussion is a very...
  16. Cookie917

    PFF QB rankings - JW #77

    so whoever starts at Gtech is #103? or both combined are 103? I am confused...
  17. Cookie917

    Nole Tears

    Dude looks like that one uncle at the family bbq that falls trying to play with the kids and had to get momentum to get himself back up.
  18. Cookie917

    Derrick smith in the portal

    This... never understood the mass substitutions where it seemed like our entire second team D was in.... rotate a guy or two out when they need a breather other than that play the best 11.
  19. Cookie917

    The Disease

    Kacey Rogers....
  20. Cookie917

    Bubba Bolden gives take on expected role, adjusting to UM, and Martell

    1. Really excited to see this kid play. Long rangy ball hawk that can turn defense into points along with a willingness to make a big hit. Not expecting much from him right in the beginning but huge for depth purposes. 2. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can help me out, bolden was on campus...