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  1. ChoadCane

    Terrance Lewis to Tennessee

    We're not in a position to turn away elite talent unless he'd absolutely fracture a locker room. Coaches aren't dumb they'll make the right choice. I'd love to have him.
  2. ChoadCane

    Barry Jackson with Comments by Larry Blustein

    Can someone post another link or post a summary? Can't get thru the paywall
  3. ChoadCane

    James Williams will be a cane

    I like Manny 🤷‍♂️. He is far from a finished product as a college HC. I'm willing to give him this year to change my mind. I'm of the belief Enos didn't do what he promised/said he would do. Also, Manny and staff seem to be above average recruiters. How they do it doesn't concern me because the...
  4. ChoadCane

    Yulkieth Brown

    Yup. Damn shame he wanted to be here. His uncle is a diehard Cane fan. I remember being confused why we took Ezzard over him. Wiggins too.
  5. ChoadCane

    D’Eriq King on Packer & Durham show

    I'm beyond ready for this season. I wanna slap my Notre Dame neighbor right fucking NOW
  6. ChoadCane

    King: "Miami 'loaded', 'everyone looks like the best player on the team'".

    Did we combine them? That sounds fun
  7. ChoadCane

    OT: Stock Market discussion

    I bought on a rise which I typically dont do, but Workhorse is climbing still and the price point should reach 26. Think it closed at around 19 today. Something to look into.
  8. ChoadCane

    Yulkieth Brown

    It is what it is. It sucks because he's talented but if we're getting Smith and Daniel's there isn't going to be room. He's a baller though and he'll have a good career wherever
  9. ChoadCane

    Late June Mock Class

    Ismael or Davis? Who you taking?
  10. ChoadCane

    Ivins Update (6/25)

    I really like Brashard Smith's game. Definitely want him in this class. Absolutely electric with the ball. Can't have enough of those types imo
  11. ChoadCane

    Canes back in the mix for 5-star DT Taylor

    Just win baby. Please Manny. Just win.
  12. ChoadCane

    Canes back in the mix for 5-star DT Taylor

    @Liberty City El @Cribby so could we see Elijah and Taylor (if things work out) as our 2 main DTs? Do you think they'd be strong enough against the run to play at the same time? I ask because they'd be elite against the pass. Just wonder if they can fight off double teams a year or two down the...
  13. ChoadCane

    Canes back in the mix for 5-star DT Taylor

    Beautiful and simple solution. Just win, Baby. I love it
  14. ChoadCane

    Canes back in the mix for 5-star DT Taylor

    I'm trying to be cool about this news. I'm really trying. I wanna throw dick on Twitter but I'm an adult now and I don't wanna blow it. But damnit man. This is fantastic news.
  15. ChoadCane

    James Williams will be a cane

    Idk. I'm well liked?
  16. ChoadCane

    James Williams will be a cane

    Dumb as hell. He may have been burnt out, but he gave us a 10 winseason, we had all that hype. It felt good again to be a Miami fan if only for a little while. And he spearheaded the IPF. **** outta here with the Richt slander. Did more for us than you ever will. Fucking dipshit.
  17. ChoadCane

    Discussion: Mock Class 3.0

    The shuttle time is similar to Dunson. I expect Dunson to be big time. I expect McGhee to be as well. Would be a huge pickup. And I agree with you on Curtis. Although, taking him as an Ath/ return guy/ db depth wouldn't make me mad
  18. ChoadCane

    Canes offer 2021 OLB/Edge Thomas Davis

    What kind of slippers is he wearing though?
  19. ChoadCane

    James Williams will be a cane

    At least we made his top 2. #BrickByBrick