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    Transfer impact

    QB King OT Williams DE Roche S Bolden K BorrlegUs Wildcard stud J Phillips When Miami rose to dominance it was because we did something new with Schnelly that hadn't been done before. Let's hope history repeats itself this year!!!
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    Fire Coach L

    It's over...nothing but 1 on 1 ball and no progression of our top recruits. Calls by the refs were terrible too... especially the 3 free throws at the end of regulation.
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    Going against the grain...

    Manny at least has the balls to fire Enos, who was his Ace signing this past off-season. It shows me that he can at least TRY and right the ship. I'm not going to say he's out of the doghouse, but with this and Rumph both getting canned it's showing me he at least cares enough to make tough...
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    Gerald Willis

    Activated from practice squad today for the fins! 🙌
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    Jadon Haslewood

    JAG at Oklahoma passed up by other freshman. No ceedee lamb tonight and he was non existent. He chose wrong.
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    For those who don't have tix

    Hold strong. The value will drop come gameday since we now play the turds again twice in a few years which doesn't make these as rare to obtain as they once we're. College Gameday isn't even accessible without paying to get into Disney. It might also rain... I'm getting my tix Saturday...
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    Interesting TE usage stat from NFL

    So playoff bound we are! 🙌
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    1 mile from camping stadium

    Snagged an air bnb 1 mile from the stadium. Don’t have tickets yet because my friend didn’t listen when I told him to buy. Willing to allow up to 3 people stay for 4 tickets that don’t have to be perfect, just not nose bleeds. Hit me up if interested.
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    Air BnB booked

    For Orlando against the Turds. Let’s try and get a meet up spot for Friday night going on here!! Unfortunately I will be with UF fans so I need to be around some cane brothern. Btw they’re all super worried about us landing Hurts....
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    This is why you don’t declare early...

    Good for Clemson Seniors who didn’t play themselves
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    Wait for it....

    With all this hype around the Canes this week, especially if land Fedora to go along with out new DC...expect the NCAA to be on a witch hunt!
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    Who takes Patke’s Spot?

    So with him essentially getting the promotion/vacancy who do we add in his place? CoughEdReedcough?
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    Coach L Jr.

    Wonder if pops would tell his son it’s time for him to take over the program as head coach and he could fall into a ceo/advisor role? I love coach L and will always be thankful for him jump starting out basketball program to respectable heights. That being said his son would probably take us...
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    Wet Willie gave up play calling... So for the first time in 8.5 years he’s not calling plays as a coach because he sees there is an obvious problem. How the f*** can this guy...
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    Richt 3 to 4 now

    Ok so...I can see that if we maybe wait 1 more year we might be a group of badasses after watching our fr and so outperform everyone these last two weeks. I’m giving Richt til year 4.
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    Rosier...say what you will

    but the guy sure can run with the football in his hands. I watched him pick up quite a few big gains, first downs, and TD's from looking back at film. Obviously we're all worried about the accuracy, but I also believe that one major thing he needs to work on is when to pull the ball and run or...
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    Brad Kaaya

    Just saw the highlight of him in INDY where the snap was too high and he couldn’t recover the fumble. Had me thinking about how far he has fallen from analysts saying he was a potential top 3 and first rounder a few years back to where he is now. Can’t even make a team as a backup. Yikes!
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    Michigan/Stanford vs The U comparison

    So I know most of us are a bit disappointed to say the least with the closing on some players this cycle. But, after looking at teams like Michigan (who was supposed to take over college football 3 years ago) and Stanford, I am feeling quite fortunate with the recruiting class we received...