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    Do we even want to go to a bowl?

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    Canes v. Central Michigan

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    Canes v UNC

    4th and 17 play coverage drop 8 make them throw it underneath come up make a tackle game over!!!!
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    Richt is GONE!

    Bring Butch Back!!!!!
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    Jarren Williams

    We are done
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    Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

    I'm so glad Spermy Fart blew it with that ridiculous onside kick. He turned into Mark Richt on that one 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Canes v. GT

    Too many turnovers they will continue to lose until they stop turning it over period
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    So Nunn just decommitted

    When he's up in Syracuse in December walking on Marshall street and its 15 below zero he will be weighing his options then as well
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    Class Impact: Cornelius Nunn exits

    More too come if they keep losing
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    Canes v. Duke

    Season over recruiting is about to definitely take a dive
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    Canes v. Duke

    And the sky opens up again smh
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    Canes v. Duke

    There's nothing else to say really smh
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    Couple of Silents?

    Everyone is going crazy over all these high profile defenders which we need. But man we gotta get some help up front on that O Line it's terrible that should be CMR focus
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    Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

    We are talking about 17 and 18 year old kids who are all about the moment the here and now. So to say we are overreacting is like telling a recruit who commits after a big win during his visit he's overreacting.
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    O-Line Sucks

    The O line is our biggest problem because we can't run the ball well enough to end up with 3rd and short. And when we do we get stuffed.
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    Canes v. UVA

    I think he should have challenged them more to beat us outside and smother the runs by the QB and backs
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    Canes v. UVA

    And that onside kick was pure desperation when it wasn't needed
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    Canes v. UVA

    The D played great Manny could have been a little more aggressive being that they can't throw. But that loss was on the offense and CMR
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    Jadon Haselwood decommits from Georgia

    We didn't help ourselves tonight with that showing that's for sure. Kosi looked bad and that doesn't bold well if your trying to entice a receiver to come play with him.
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    Anyone here still believe in Richt?

    Great recruiter chokes in the clutch. That onside kick was one of the worst calls I think I have ever seen