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    Miami announces transfer RB Asa Martin has signed with UM

    Glad my post got deleted about this..........
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    Winston Moss for DC

    Moss has already been fired! People keep saying he isn't going to leave the league to recruit 17 yr olds but the man has no job right now soooo
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    Winston Moss for DC

    He has already been fired from the Packers when they canned McCarthy
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    Winston Moss for DC

    Winston Moss would be the perfect hire. He knows the Miami culture of the 80s and has the fire about him. You saw his comments about Rodgers the other week. He will hold everyone accountable. The dude knows the NFL game and its a plus that he can coach linebackers since the team just lost one of...
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    Did Stacey Coley make Richards good?

    I just think when/if the QB situation figures itself out, we will see Hightower, Wiggins, Jordan, and Thomas seeing more of a prominent role in the offense.
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    Did Stacey Coley make Richards good?

    Stacey Coley drew a lot of attention away from Richards and he was able to make plays. I know there have been injuries throughout his career. We just have not seen that form he had alongside Coley. Any thoughts?
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    Breakout player on the defense

    Gilbert Frierson
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    Watched Gurvan Hall's Hudl

    Hall wearing 26 this year too. Young Sean T