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  1. Gooner#44

    ACC Division Titles won since Miami and VT joined the ACC

    Atlantic: Clemson - 7 FSU - 5 BC - 2 WF - 1 Coastal: VT - 6 GT - 4 Duke -1 Miami - 1 Pitt - 1 UNC - 1 UVA - 1 Overall Conference Championships: Clemson - 6 FSU - 4 VT - 3 WF - 1 GT - 1 We need to start our run of Coastal titles this year, that list is embarrassing
  2. Gooner#44

    Friday Trivia - When and who was the last team the Louisiana Tech football team shut out prior

    to them blanking the Miami Hurricanes on December 26th 2019?
  3. Gooner#44

    This is unacceptable, we will continue to be 6-7 if this does not change.
  4. Gooner#44

    Why is the UK Covid-19 death rate so high?

    As of this AM they had 51,600 confirmed cases and 5,915 deaths.
  5. Gooner#44

    #7 Miami at #12 UCF tonight

    I think this is a big game after getting shelled by an in-state school just last week. We are going with AMac on the mound and apparently he has no pitch count. I have a bad feeling about this game, prove me wrong guys.
  6. Gooner#44

    You guys still think Brosette is a scrub?

    I warned you......
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    Guess their #s for 2018

    Malik - 240-410, 59%, 29 TDs, 9 INTs 152 carries - 650 yards, 8 TDs Homer - 212 carries, 1295 yards, 14 TDs DJD - 110 carries, 650 yards, 7 TDs AR - 72 catches, 1300 yards, 12 TDs JT4 - 51 catches, 950 yards, 8 TDs Shaq - 117 tackles Jaquan - 107 tackles
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    I'll go ahead and start the "rumor"...…... if/when Hurts loses his job to

    Tua, would you guys welcome him in as a transfer QB? Just a hypothetical, no Red X's or thumbs downs needed by those of you who are butthurt snowflakes by hypothetical questions on a message board (you know who you are, but if not, go ahead disagree/thumb down a hypothetical question if it will...
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    IF we had beaten Pitt, was the Clemson loss in that manner still

    going to keep us out of the Final Four last year?
  10. Gooner#44

    Do we finish Top 10 in the 2019 recruiting rankings?

    We were 19 last I looked but if we add Bogle, MAR, Tyrique, Neal, McIntosh, a few more we should slide into the lower half of the Top 10.
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    I have 100% confidence in our run D this season

    but I'm a bit worried about our pass D. Last year our yards per game was OK (like 60th I think) but there were some games we got lit up on the back end for yards and TDs. Let's hope some of the new guys step up and clean this up.
  12. Gooner#44

    So Sanguenetti, somebody fill me in how

    a highly rated kid, with offers from everyone is a no take for Miami. I'm not saying he is/isn't, just curious why I'm hearing that from multiple people. And yes, I heard about his poor 40 time. thanks
  13. Gooner#44

    What % do you give Miami on these kids?

    Sanguinetti MAR Bogle Neal Stevenson Ladson Dent Summerall Battle McIntosh Zipperer We can close with a MONSTER class if the chips fall right