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    This is not solely an Offense Problem

    This is a head coach problem. This team is an unmotivated, uninterested, undisciplined, going through the motions bunch of assholes. Dan Enos sucks and so does his offense, but Manny is the one that allows players to quit and return, he’s the one that allows players to go through the motions...

    Injured Players During Al Golden’s Time

    If any players were injured by non-contact injuries during Al Golden’s tenure, after Al Golden warned Blake James that the field was not safe for players, then please come forward, either you or your families. We have a bevy of lawyers that I’m sure would happily represent you and have Blake...

    Hey Manny Do the honorable thing

    And hand in your resignation. If he truly loves the program then he should march into Blake’s office and resign. He’s not qualified nor was he ever qualified for this job. He got it because of his daddy. Manny knows it, the fans know it and now everyone knows it.

    "The Disease" Is the New "Cloud"

    Every time Manny refers to "the disease" it reminds me of Golden referencing the Cloud. Unsurprisingly, it was only mentioned after losses or recruiting failures, it never came up after a win. Like a typical used car salesman, Manny is taking a page out of Golden's playbook by hiding his...

    Fire Blake James Petition Link Someone created it, let us sign it.

    The fact Blake Janes Woke Up This Morning

    Still employed tells you all you need to know about the school, their commitment to athletics and what they think about the fans.


    Should’ve happened after the GT loss. Fire him already and give the fans some fucking hope.

    Players Dancing on the sidelines like a bunch of buffoons

    While we were down 13-0 to FIU. Nice culture change manny you fucking loser

    Can we get an article about the Athletic Department

    @Stefan Adams @DMoney Can we get an article on the mismanagement of the Athletic Department. Things to consider 1. As the Athletic Director why was Blake James not part of the Search Committee in 2015? 2. Why did the Search Committee in 2015 consist of members that know nothing about...
  10. NVA CANE

    We are back to having to boycott

    This sucks, but we are back to having to boycott this program. Please stop buying season or individual tickets, no merchandise, nothing. Starve these assholes of your hard earned money. You wouldn't keep going to a restaurant that openly **** in your food and tried to pass it off as fine dining.
  11. NVA CANE

    Manny Just Threw All The Players Under the Bus

    By claiming this is a rebuild he’s now blamed the players for he and his staff’s incompetence. **** this piece of ****. We got another used car salesman piece of **** head coach.
  12. NVA CANE

    Well the manny era was fun in the offseason

    He’s done Worst hire ever made. Not even mad any more.
  13. NVA CANE

    I’d like to File a Complaint about the University

    As to why a white person is the Chief Diversity Officer. As a minority I’d like to know why the Chief Diversity Officer is not actually you know, a minority. I don’t believe a white Chief Diversity Officer knows what it’s like to be a African American, Hispanic, Asian, of any other race. I take...
  14. NVA CANE

    Fire Blake James Thread #1637843278

    How long do we have to endure this imbecile? Is anyone in the BOT going to wonder why the athletic programs and department are in such disarray? Is anyone going to ask why Blake didn’t conduct a proper coaching search, why he turned Dan Mullen down, why he turned Mike Leach down, why he didn’t...
  15. NVA CANE

    To the guy that forces the players to wear the TD rings

    Go **** your self you pussy ******. When you’re down 4,3,2,1 touchdowns you don’t run over and shove that flaccid symbol of fake bravado on them. My dudes Deejay Dallas and Jeff Thomas waved the rings away and that ***** kept insisting they wear them. The players have more self respect than...
  16. NVA CANE

    Don’t Be a Fan Later

    that is alll
  17. NVA CANE

    Fire Blake James

    **** this bullshit product. Stop hiring first year head coaches from failed coaching staffs. We could’ve been in year four of the Dan Mullen era or year one of the Dino Babers era. This coaching staff is lost. Three out of our last four coaching hires have been defensive coordinators. Two were...
  18. NVA CANE

    Someone Call Tom Jurich

    You can get him for cheap and he’ll fix every sport in the AD. Football, Basketball, Baseball. **** you Blake James, you **** gobbler
  19. NVA CANE

    Just Fire Blake James Already

    He’s the problem and the reason this program and athletic department as a whole won’t achieve its full potential. He ran a five minute coaching search. He was gifted a chance to make a great hire and he didn’t even do his due diligence. **** him
  20. NVA CANE

    10 Hours to conduct a coaching search