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  1. sfbomber

    Scott Patchan

    It is sort of an "award the player" situation for all that he has been through here. All he was asked to do (move positions twice), comeback from injury-wise. Symbolic start for Patch is earned and will probably be given easily. Think Trent Harris and D Jax previously.
  2. sfbomber

    1991 FHSAA 5A title game Southridge vs Evans

    Kenard punts as well as our guys!
  3. sfbomber

    MLB draft

    Confirmation of McFarlane on ITU but I don't have subscription to tell you which way
  4. sfbomber

    Winners and Losers in the Portal Game

    Very detailed. In the moment that the portal was exploding, I felt like this was one of those points in history so I read everything and watched all the teams' players going back and forth. Very exciting. This article takes you back through it in the right amount of detail. for the major teams...
  5. sfbomber

    OT: What is the best sport to watch in person?

    I will concur on the hockey sentiment.
  6. sfbomber

    OT: What is the best sport to watch in person?

    Crushed that bowling is not on your list, at least behind Dominoes!
  7. sfbomber

    Recruit Praying for Kendrick Norton

    A picture is worth a thousand words. I'm sure with all of the information surrounding the last 24 hours as well as what we know of Mr Neal, there are a bit more than a thousand that are positively deserved here. Much love, #canesfam
  8. sfbomber

    Walker speaks at the Opening after decommitting from South Carolina

    Give him some love and spell his name right, bruh.
  9. sfbomber

    Johnson stars at the Opening, planning fall official to UM

    we don't have the luxury of room for that this year
  10. sfbomber

    Zach Smith Insight On Martell

    Oh boy, here we go
  11. sfbomber

    Are things changing?

    @pacusmc I would substitute Kobe Bryant for Eddie Murphy. So much more blatant, and sports-related. I have that image of Kobe's wife flaunting the ring for the cameras in my head right now. smdh
  12. sfbomber

    Smells like a winner

    That's the hope.
  13. sfbomber

    Smells like a winner

    I get that we know more than the national pundits, but Vegas still has the #8 team in the country as a TD favorite for a reason. I see the Gator deficiencies, and I see our improvement. However, can we learn the new offense fast enough, can we find an OT, can we stay healthy? That's where my...
  14. sfbomber

    2,000 yard rushers in Dade? (question for the historians)

    Chargers making their 2nd recent appearance on the boards! Nice. I'm NMB Class of '89 (bro was starting WR '90 & '91)
  15. sfbomber

    Dionte Mullins Tweet

    Is it though? What was the reason for the transfer? There is probably a strong correlation for the kid. I support them either way. They're kids. I taught for 6 years in the 90s in the Ely area. Had a couple of mine go P5. Glad these kids get a chance at anything outside of what they came from.
  16. sfbomber

    New NCAA Waiver Guidelines under Review

    Wasn't his waiver granted the day that Spring Practice started?? Or was that date when his 2019 eligibility status was cleared up? I think I just answered my own question. Carry on.
  17. sfbomber

    Bat signal

    So I totally didn't know that Walker reupped his SoCarol commitment yesterday. Egg on my face.
  18. sfbomber

    Bat signal

    My bad on Walker. Shooting arrows too
  19. sfbomber

    Initial counters, back counters, EE - knowing how to work the system

    Trust me, I'm rereading it so I can get it to stick for future. Thank you as always!