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    Dont feed the troll
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    We have a MF'ing savage at Head Coach! Epic troll job tonight by Manny!

    The post I agree with the most of any in a long while
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    We have a MF'ing savage at Head Coach! Epic troll job tonight by Manny!

    Richt admitted that Manny came up to him to tell him to kneel. Going for a TD was the only way we could lose. Manny was the smarter coach even though Richt had been a head coach for 17 years.
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    Isaiah Walker

    What are the names you use when you do your troll moves on the Gator and Clemson boards?
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    Isaiah Walker

    Perfect troll move. I call you the "Dissention Princess"
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    Missouri seniors free to transfer...

    Won't happen. Trolls for fun or hire just wait for an opportunity to snipe and cause discention. Don't feed him... Tag'em!
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    Missouri seniors free to transfer...

    That you for your advice. How much time do you spend on our board versus the team you root for?
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    Isaiah Walker

    What % of his SEC bag you getting for your work to drive up his SEC $? Is it a simple percentage, or a set percentage after a base bag amount?
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    Winners keep score at TNM......

    Tag 'em
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    Winners keep score at TNM......

    Silly folks...these are not real fans. They are trolls exposing themselves.
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    Winners keep score at TNM......

    It's what professional trollers do. Undermine excitement. Insert doubt. Make every loss proof that we have the wrong hire, etc, blah, blah, blah.
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    24/7 talks about good news for Tate!

    Jarren is a stud, and this is a REAL possibility. In fact, because of finally got great QB coaching, and because Rosier has graduated, I don't write off anyone in the room other then Matocha.
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    Manny Diaz at junior day

    He didn't do any fucking research...MANNY is the biggest fan and lived our Glory days with us. He is Jimmy Johnson'ing this ****. Johnson took over a national championship team with the greatest back to back swag-filled recruiting classes (1983/1984) and built it even stronger. Manny doesn't...
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    This is why Butch Barry is the most important position coach

    No argument. But, don't forget, it's also maturity, choosing talented workers regardless of stars, and development. Then, it's about scheme.
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    Class rankings are first about quantity and secondarily quality. Our average high school recruit was probably around #10 (I didn't actually look). The question was, would you rather some reaches on high schoolers unlikely to help us in the next two years, or portal'ers that are very likely to...
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    Update eligibility chart please

    Thank you!!!
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    Why Manny is THE CIS coach (and professional trolls will make you doubt it).

    Someone who sings is a singer--- Plural = singers Someone who posts is a poster--- Plural = posters Someone who fucks is a fucker--- Plural = fuckers Someone who trolls is a troller--- Plural = trollers English is fun!