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  1. Dude

    Gregorio Rousseau

    Lots of great players at DE next year, a solid LB group, a young but talented 2ndary... Defensively the guys I'm looking at most are the DTs, and Jon Ford might be the key to the season on that side of the ball. His development really goes to show the importance of actually getting numbers at...
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    Touchdown Throne??

    Imagine after every TD, a player getting a grillz, but 1st runs to the sideline dentist to be fitted. 😂
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    Touchdown Throne??

    I got it... After every TD, you kill a gator by shooting it in the head with a crossbow, the rest of the team strings it up?
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    Touchdown Throne??

    Touchdown celebration South Beach ladies?
  5. Dude

    Touchdown Throne??

    Touchdown blow?
  6. Dude

    Touchdown Throne??

    Have 'em do a lap around the field in this. Its the only thing Miami enough to not be lame.
  7. Dude

    Randy Shannon " 2 " Canes Elite...

    The starting QB should have redshirted, and put on a lot of weight. He was a good CF level QB prospect, but like so many Hurricanes was dubbed freshman savior and never really learned to get better or the hard ass work mindset of the great teams. That was THE quintessential freshman savior...
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    Family - The U

    I hope so... I hope to see the light come on for a bunch of OLmen.
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    Jared Lorenzen dead.

    Hefty Lefty... CFB Legend. RIP.
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    Off season fun...Will the Canes overtake USC for most NFL Hof?

    So many Hurricanes had the potential for the HoF and some almost got there. Portis & McGahee, Vilma were close, Winslow, Shockey, McKinnie had the raw talent & Taylor is in my personal HoF. That Butch Davis was a coach yall.
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    Off season fun...Will the Canes overtake USC for most NFL Hof?

    1. Edge: Should eventually get in. More yards rushing (13th all time) than Marcus Allen & Franco Harris. A bunch of TDs (91), 4 time All Pro. 2. Gore: Lock 3. Wilfork: Lock 4. Andre: Lock 5. Hester: Eventually 6. Reggie: Eventually 7. Olsen & Graham? No. Not unless they finish their careers with...
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    FSU, something happening????

  13. Dude

    FSU, something happening????

    @theribdoctor @db305 Could either of you see Pep moving to Juve after the season is done?
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    Walton Arrest Video

    Surprising to me on 2 levels... 1) Seemed like a good kid and... 2) I thought he'd be a solid pro, but dude couldnt even outrun the cops, something I did at least 3 times by the time I was 18. 🤣🤣🤣
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    He's a sensitive kid imo. Tough guy exterior, but sensitive deep down, in that he doesnt take criticism well imo. I have a kid that seems similar. I think he can be a really good player, but he's got to chill out emotionally.
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    Sean Taylor “Definitive” High School Highlights

    I'd have to be sick that game day if I played RB. Sorry coach... cough, cough... I got that flu going around.
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    Sean Taylor or Ed Reed

    I would have loved to see them both on the same defense at the same time... a perfect pairing, Reed as FS, Taylor as SS.
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    I approve of this message.
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    'Quan channeling his inner ER20

    Quan is my favorite player in years and years. We will miss his leadership no matter how the young guys play.