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  1. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Very telling

    According to my sources Manny was seen walking around holding a clipboard. Yo this guy is gonna be legendary as a coach at the U if true.....
  2. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Avantae Williams discusses Miami, Oregon, and future visits

    Rumph coaches Tyson since he was 10 .............. Things like that don't mean much anymore.
  3. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Devin Hester's Son

    or...........and this could be a stretch here but stay with me.................Devin Hester 2.0 ya know ....since its his kid and all lol.
  4. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Devin Hester's Son

    no his mama was a elementary school teacher. you are thinking of Tamara James- Devin's GF while at UM. She has a son as well born in 2011 and was the mayor of Dania Beach, the oldest community in Broward County.
  5. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Devin Hester's Son

    he has his daddy's immediate acceleration, change or direction without losing any speed and explosiveness. Genes also get stronger with each generation so OMG this kids gonna be sick. Devin didn't have elite top end speed but he had world class acceleration and COD which made him lethal.
  6. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    More bad news for Gators

    Speak for yourself Muchacho. One day we will be back at “any team, any place, any time” status but it won’t be 24 August. I will just take a win ....thank you.
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    Well, it happened....

    I told u lol
  8. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Redding Commits!

    oh he'll drop......wait on it.
  9. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Salute to Jordan Miller and Coach Feeley

    Kyle Bellamy........this guy had to basically ask the administration to create a job for him. He had finished baseball and gotten his degree In exercise science with a concentration in nutrition. Blows my mind how a DIVISION 1 college football program can be so inept. Smh.
  10. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Why I love Feeley

    Gus is coaching high school now and we got a real strength coach. God is good ain’t he.
  11. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Oh we gotta PUNTER punter

  12. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Are things changing?

    PREACH!!!!!!! The poster who mentioned Coley is speaking facts too. Coley kills it at FSU and Georgia but at Miami he was subpar. $$$$$
  13. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Marshall Faulk and the U

    Never knew he wanted to come here Imagine what could’ve been. 7:33
  14. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Danzalin Worsham decommit

    Have Feeley give him some HGH and we fuggin
  15. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    OT bag game

    We’ve been hearing that for years. Meanwhile Bama keeps playin in the Natty, Clemson keeps winning and UGA keeps stockpiling talent
  16. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    A subtle message to everyone that bad mouths a kid.

    What about the parents that see their kid as dollar signs ?
  17. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Tired of The SEC/ACC Bag Game?

    Kids are built differently these days. Too many social media driven egos worries about promoting their “brand”.
  18. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Miami will never be relevant again

    This is the way of the land now. Either we wait for the alphabet boys to fvck up the $EC bag game or we accept being a middle of the pack program ala West Virginia, Houston, Texas Tech etc
  19. CaniacOnTheDanceFloor

    Avantae Williams tweet

    Gurvan is special. Got offered 200K last min from Bama to sign and said no politely.