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  1. RickDerris

    The Wez needs you

    It's a long boring time till the season starts . The Westendzone is extending it's one time 75$ per month VIP membership to the plebs of canesinsight . If you're looking for great recruiting and rooster information we have it . Do you like women ? we have pictures of them . Lot's of great...
  2. RickDerris

    Inside info is now accepting new porsters . Come join us for the first annual Music March Madness by Noah.
  3. RickDerris

    West End Zone recruiting drive

    We recently lost a couple members and we are looking to replace them , if your interested in join this elite group . Drop by West End Zone and say "hi" .
  4. RickDerris

    Who's in charge of the basketball schedule ?

    it needs to be updated from last year
  5. RickDerris

    The Wez is under new mangement

    The new guy really ***ged up the place , now with a more *** friendly atmosphere a lot of you guys will be more warmly embraced or at least embraced in a more familiar manner as your use to . Come join us .
  6. RickDerris

    Do we have enough talent ?

    If properly corched to win the ACC ?
  7. RickDerris

    your invited

    to the if your looking for a place with real nice people and lively off topic discussion , come and join us
  8. RickDerris


    The Wilson thread had atleast 20 more pages to go .
  9. RickDerris

    RIP the WEZ

  10. RickDerris

    who is

    the lazy **** that hasn't changed the schedule from 2012 ? I demand answers
  11. RickDerris

    So lurking gator fans

    You just became the new headcorch of the gators . In week 2 you face the UM in miami , whats your game plan ? What are your strengths you think match up well against us ? How do you keep our offense from making you taste our balls ?
  12. RickDerris

    Allegations and recruiting

    How many possible commits do you guys think we've lost since the allegations broke ?
  13. RickDerris


    Let's say you were in charge and you knew at the beginning of investigation we were going to get 2-3 year bowl ban and 30 scholly losses , do you cooperate ?
  14. RickDerris

    predict 1

    I've really enjoyed the past players HS highlight reels , so who do you guys predict is NO1 ? I say Jessie Armstead , its between him and Marvin Jones as best HS highlight reel ive ever seen .