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    OT - Miami Touchdown Club UM Coaches Breakfast - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

    The Miami Touchdown Club is having a very small University of Miami Coaches Breakfast in the Brickell Room at the Biltmore Hotel next Tuesday morning at 8:00am. A few seats (<15) are open to the public. Come and meet Manny Diaz and the entire coaching staff. For information, see here. The...
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    Jalen Rivers commits to Miami

    Excellent! Welcome to the U!
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    If This Doesn't Put A Smile On Your Face, IDK What Will

    You know that is Dr Lee Kaplan, team doctor, right?
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    Check out this link to one of the best UM Traditions - Revealing Sebastian

    Sebastian Very few people know who Sebastian is each year. It is a top secret on campus. At graduation, whoever has been Sebastian that year and is graduating shows up on stage wearing Sebastian’s feet and everyone finds out who has been Sebastian. The link above is a short video of this...
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    It is Bark in the Park night, too. Plenty of woofing will be going on.
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    Attn: Ostriches

    That happened in Gainesville. Another reason for recruits to stay away from there.
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    Question about recruiting

    The funds raised in the last two campaigns you referred to went mostly to the medical school. I’m not sure of the approximate distribution, but athletics got very little, from my understanding.
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    World's Fastest 7 Year Old -- Maybe Future Cane ?

    Where does that little guy live?
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    UNC - Game 1 (Win, 6-4)

    6-2 Miami on Sac fly
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    UNC - Game 1 (Win, 6-4)

    Change of pitchers again.
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    UNC - Game 1 (Win, 6-4)

    BB Bases loaded!
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    For anyone who wants to see free solo

    Incredible climb. It’s hard to believe he did that climb.
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    The best athletes ever?

    I just watched Free Solo. Honnold is unbelievable. When I was younger, I did some spelunking with rappelling and prusiking but nothing like the free climbing of Honnold. More like what the cameramen did recording that climb of El Capitan. That climb is as nerve wracking as anything I’ve seen.
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    Bats are cranking tonight. 19-3 after 7. Hits are solid, too. Line drives all night. Several freshman with their first hits as Canes.
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    Bringing in the hate....

    You have no idea how many times Jimmy called runs when Vinny changed the call at the line for a pass, including on that last interception.
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    IPF Update

    It’s a really impressive building. Coach Richt called it the best IPF in the country. He said recruits have already been inside and are really impressed.
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    IPF Update

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    OT: Army football team leaves visiting locker room spotless after loss to Oklahoma

    No waivers in David Robinson’s case. The height limitation is 6’6” for admittance only. Robinson was 6’6” when admitted. He grew to 6’11” while at the academy.
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    Hurlie Brown - Head Coach at Merritt Island HS

    I thought some readers would want to know that Hurlie Brown is head coach at Merritt Island High School with practice starting Friday. I just talked to him and he's doing fine. Here's some links to reports about him. Q&A: Merritt Island head football coach Hurlie Brown Score! Hurlie Brown...
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    Miami Touchdown Club Annual Shrimp and Beer Night this Wednesday

    Join former players Richard Mercier, Roy Foster, and Rod Mack who have confirmed they will be joining us this Wednesday evening. Ed Newman will join us if he doesn't have a trial that interferes with his schedule. We may also have another guest or two. Come celebrate the pending arrival of...