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  1. crossover22[]_[]

    My town in north carolina

    Just declared a shelter in place. I work in another town. Do i keep working or stay at home? I have no idea.
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    Buy individual tickets.

    Looking to buy tickets for the app state game on miami side. Where is the best place to buy? Are they available yet?
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    thoughts from being at the game.

    First off ill say this is a bad uva team. I MEAN BAD. We sat with almost all uva fans and before the game even started they were saying it was stupid to come sit in the cold and watch a loss. They absolutely HATE London. Even when they were up by 2 scores they were calling him a idiot and...
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    is golden so stubborn?

    I know another new thread about golden. By now golden and co have to know what is being said. Even Irvin is making comments now. We know now he isn't a good coach but a bad coach can make changes and become successful. Example. I'm a Carolina pantheirs fan and last year Ron Rivera was on the...
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    is it bad?

    That I'm wishing away this long weekend just because I want the game to get here? I hate wishing away my off time but damn. College football doesn't truly begin until the canes play. I'm so pumped for this game. We've got to beat those ass hats.
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    Miami fans in NC

    I feel like this is football discussion. Any of you guys going to the UNC or Duke games? We need to keep a thread going. Like what sections to sit in with canes fans and tailgate info. I'm in Winston salem so ill probably try and go to both.
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    Some love for golden and staff

    this class is ranked 24th on scout with only 18 commits. A star ranking of 3.3. This staff is amazing. With the ncaa mess still going on and coaches in south florida going against miami this staff still brings in a top ranked class. Golden has got 2 top ranked classes in a row with this mess...
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    Peter or anyone that knows

    Are we still going after george williams or have we cooled on him? Does he even have a offer? I like the kids tape and think he could be a great addition to this class
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    New to the site

    Ive been looking at this site for the last 2 months and i have been very impressed. Im coming over from scout and just wanted to say hi. The reason im coming over is because im so tired of the trolls and the bad conversations. I love miami football and i want to talk to real fans. I support...