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  1. FrancisSaywer

    Class Impact: Justin Hodges to Miami

    I see your point and it's a good one. As fans I think it's easy to get sucked into the insane hype concerning measurables not the least of which is speed. We start throwing around times like 4.3 and 4.4 sec 40's and forget just how rare it is to legitimately have that type of speed especially in...
  2. FrancisSaywer

    Note On Jalen Carter

    It's depressing if you let yourself dwell on it. The bright side is that we can still stock our rooster with kids that are extremely talented. We may not get five 5 stars a class but there is plenty of talent for us to chose from. The most important thing from this point forward is...
  3. FrancisSaywer

    Wright intrigued by opportunity to play for hometown Miami

    Great quickness, tremendous motor and nose for the ball. I could see him developing into a very good LB at this level.
  4. FrancisSaywer

    SIAP, story on Tate Martell and UM offense on

    This is actually an excellent point. That is something that has not been discussed but most definitely bears watching as the above scenario may very well come into play.
  5. FrancisSaywer

    SIAP, story on Tate Martell and UM offense on

    Personally, I don't see how any of these QBs have "pulled ahead". I think Tate Martell after a slow start has started to put things together and has momentum heading into summer workouts. I think Perry has always had the tools. He just needed a good QB coach and some maturity. Enos has given him...
  6. FrancisSaywer

    SIAP, story on Tate Martell and UM offense on

    For over 15 years I have been saying the exact same thing. If Coker would have geared his offense towards the strengths of his QB(Berlin) from the get go, we very well could have been in the title game that year.
  7. FrancisSaywer

    Class Impact: Anthony Hundley to Miami

    Collins, Hundley and Taylor would be an insane DT haul. These are the types of battles we need to start winning more consistently for TNM to actually mean something.
  8. FrancisSaywer

    Notes On Yulkeith Brown's Offer

    Good Lord! That's sophomore film?????? I didn't see the kid get brought down once in the entire 9 minutes and those were not short yardage TDs. This kid is an exceptional athlete with the most freakish vision I've seen in who knows how long. Everything seems effortless for him as if he is...
  9. FrancisSaywer

    Trevon Hill Video & Observations

    While I agree with you in general, I myself am extremely excited about Scott Patchan this year. Do I think he is better than Garvin, Rousseau or Hill? No but he doesn't necessarily need to be. Coach Baker said that Patchan had an amazing spring and that he should have been a much bigger story...
  10. FrancisSaywer

    Class Impact: Justin Hodges to Miami

    Good post. I most certainly see your point. If that 40 time is accurate then that really puts him at a disadvantage in most any one on one coverage situation. The only thing I can reasonably come up with to justify taking a commitment from a CB with 4.9 speed is that the coaches expect Hodges to...
  11. FrancisSaywer

    Class Impact: Justin Hodges to Miami

    That stat stuck out to me as if it was in bold and all caps. 25 PBUs? Are you kidding me?
  12. FrancisSaywer

    Sunday Morning entertainment- Long

    Someone's a writer!!!!!
  13. FrancisSaywer

    2020 Freshman 15: May Edition

    This is not what I wanted to hear but I know it's the most realistic assessment of the situation right now. It's imperative that we show as a program that we have our shyt together and that we are going in the right direction and we need to show that this year.
  14. FrancisSaywer

    2020 Freshman 15: May Edition

    Don't forget Carter. Elite DT prospects are always needs. Especially in our defense. Getting a prospect like Carter would be big.
  15. FrancisSaywer

    What would you deem to be a successful season for Manny and Miami?

    Finishing 10-2 in the regular season and winning the Coastal. We likely get beat by Clemson in the ACCCG but then turn around and win our bowl game making us 11-3. To me that would be a successful season.
  16. FrancisSaywer

    Gators CB Brian Edwards arrested on assaulting girlfriend

    Yep! That's him. I remember his recruitment. For a guy with such average testing numbers, Pete sure did hype him up. I believe he was selling Edwards as having the potential to be one of the best DBs in the nation.
  17. FrancisSaywer

    Class Impact: AJ Mathis to Miami

    We get Flowe and the haul is elite no matter who the other 3 are. Pair Flowe with Simpson and that's the best pair of frosh LBs in the country. I've got this gut feeling that the above is in no way out of the question. Mathis is a nice pickup. I expect him to have a great senior year and get...
  18. FrancisSaywer

    4-star WR Worsham plans official to Miami

    This whole situation doesn't add up. Kid is getting dropped by Bama and he knows it. 2 hip surgeries and those terrible 40 yd dash and short shuttle times add up to this kid being a major lemon. Hard pass!
  19. FrancisSaywer

    Marcus Rosemy Top 10

    My bad. Yeah I agree. The sour grapes thing.