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  1. roly2324


    go get Parrish and call it a day
  2. roly2324

    Manny with the bat signal

    Great addition and a Deerfield beach dude. 😜 ( I know he just transferred) but Welcome to the 🙌🏽
  3. roly2324

    Manny with the bat signal

    Man you are fast!! Beat me to it!
  4. roly2324

    Joe Jackson

    Bill Clinton when he used to golf with his buddies as POTUS, And one of them followed a horrible shot with a great shot would say: "Same Guy, Same Guy". These people are same guy
  5. roly2324

    How the Gators feel about playing Miami on opening day

    Pic or it's not real😜
  6. roly2324

    Brevin Jordan.

  7. roly2324

    Latest Gut Feeling : Jamari Stewart

    Your gut is undefeated!
  8. roly2324

    Spring Practice #2

    Loving the work ethic of Osborn. Need more of this from our team. Starting to look like the Canes of old.
  9. roly2324

    Spring Practice #2

  10. roly2324

    Spring Practice #2

  11. roly2324

    Tate approved

    How @Canes Brotherhood should react to the haters who questioned his gut
  12. roly2324

    Tate just tweeted...

    I'm ready
  13. roly2324

    My gut says: Martell approved

    So far for anyone nwho has followed @Canes Brotherhood his "gut" has yet to be proven wrong
  14. roly2324

    Martell approved?

    I believe you.. but source?
  15. roly2324

    Martell approved?

  16. roly2324

    Martell approved?

  17. roly2324

    Martell approved?

  18. roly2324

    Andrew Vaugh

    Anyone know anything about him?
  19. roly2324

    Another One?

    Didn't he already mention Phillips?