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  1. Redstate12

    Trouble in Gainesville?

    Time to run this back. Gotta thank my guy Canes2082 for finding this for me again.
  2. Redstate12

    Gator Tears

    Man crazy how things change. One minute we are upset about whiffs. Then things look like a blessing in disguise.
  3. Redstate12

    Gator Tears

    Thanks bro I have been looking for that.
  4. Redstate12

    Trouble in Gainesville?

    Gator message boards buzzing as well.
  5. Redstate12

    Trouble in Gainesville?

    Someone I trust. Not here to start rumors making it clear just something I heard. Not on here pretending to be a insider or something.
  6. Redstate12

    Trouble in Gainesville?

    Heard Zip cant qualify... Any truth to that? If so dodged a bullet. Hearing a good portion of the 19 class either cant qualify, transferring, or ready to leave the team. Again just talk. My bad if already posted.
  7. Redstate12

    Is Urban coming back???

    Probably already stated but Notre Dame is his dream was always the rumor. I would wait for Dabo to head to Bama.
  8. Redstate12

    What did Willis do wrong

    I doubt very highly that Richt "bad mouthed" him. *But I do believe the report that former coaches on both staffs spoke negatively about Willis. I can see Richt being honest when asked about how things were before he turned this around the last 2 years. Also heard Kool was throwing most of the...
  9. Redstate12

    Thank you Coach Richt!

    Deserves an upvote. Manny never gets this job without Richt. Would have been stuck with a Greg Schiano type middle off the road coach no one else wanted with no IPF. Dude gave it his best and set the foundation for success. Just hope we dont hinder Manny with unrealistic expectations. Going to...
  10. Redstate12

    I’m home

    Tweet is gone. What did it say?
  11. Redstate12

    Tate approved

    Cam has a natural NFL build from day one. Can only imagine how his body will change under the new staff. His is elite. Been slept on for awhile.
  12. Redstate12

    Tate approved

  13. Redstate12

    All Spring practices indoor?

    No problem buddy
  14. Redstate12

    Spring Practice Summary: 3/19

    Whats going to be crazy is the underappreciated guys from previous classes are going to shine under this staff. Cam Davis type guys. Cam is going to be a star. Richt talent evals weren't off. Development was lacking.