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    What the true Cane fans want to know ...

    PTP --- Pass The Potatoes
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    Richt: 'Not in the plans' to return to coaching

    Flushing you makes a hell of a lot more sense than insulting you . get lost .
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    Louis Hedley the Aussie Punter Interview

    Most of them Aussie blokes can put a ball up a kangaroo's ass at 150 yards ........ just ask em !
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    Black Uniforms

    Pissing outside -17 degrees
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    Dishnetwork Customers

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    OT Fields at OSU

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    LSU AD is Out

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    Tiger Woods

    if you ever decide to finish the question ... i will be happy to answer it.
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    Tiger Woods

    Jack or Tiger. who made the most "MUST MAKE" pressure putts or executed great recovery shots to get out of trouble ? Tiger. Easy. No contest. Even Nicklaus himself has said his short game and putting was not even close to Tiger's.
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    Tiger Woods

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    Tiger Woods

    that too. 1997-2008 Tiger just plain dominated golf..... period.
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    Tiger Woods

    Even players like Watson, Trevino, and Gary Player (Jack's competitors) agree and have said they think the greatest golf tournament ever played and will probably never be equaled was the 2000 US Open that Tiger won by 15 strokes at Pebble Beach. Nicklaus never dominated or won a major like Tiger...
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    Tiger Woods

    yep. youre right. funny thing about Tiger winning ... when the other golfers were being interviewed, most of em are happy as hell he won. the smart golfers know when Tiger wins, there is more money to be made. even the scrubs barely making the cut every week will make more money. Tiger is a...
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    Tiger Woods

    if you watched the Masters... the girlfriend was standing behind Mom and Mom never spoke to her or looked at her.... Tigers Mom dont like her, that was plain to see. Besides, I think this girl is more a friend than anything else. the TV announcers didnt even mention her..... she aint nothing...
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    Tiger Woods

    LOL .... i agree. Elin didnt light me up either and Paranos would have the whole soccer team for a snack .