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  1. Canedog

    OT: Gettin' the Swag back!

    Running hills at Tropical Park? What kinda hills they got?
  2. Canedog

    Anything less than 10 wins is IMPOSSIBLE

    Mama say nothing is impossible.
  3. Canedog

    Vegas win total 8.5

    Wat he say. Major casinos ain't gonna have this yet and may not even later. West gate or South Point might. You can call dem in advance to see. Major casinos have limited selection of teams they do season total bets on. Not enough interest/action on Miami in years four most casinos.
  4. Canedog

    Bandy's future

    FRM will make Bandy first round pick.
  5. Canedog

    Now that Richt is gone...

    Butch Davis da Gawd. You can deny it all you want, but it won't change a dam thang.
  6. Canedog

    Today at the UF Law Graduation

    Don't most instate law students take da bar exam during third year?
  7. Canedog

    Today at the UF Law Graduation

    What two worst two months of life?
  8. Canedog

    CB Kelee Ringo

    Kelee Ringo, he's no daisy.
  9. Canedog

    Trevon Hill At Vag Tech Graduation

    OH fawk, if Hill rooms with Hedley, Miami gonna explode.
  10. Canedog

    Off top: warriors

    Warriors, love dat movie.
  11. Canedog

    Dan Conners -- RIP....and Tony Cline, RIP

    RIP Mr. Connors.
  12. Canedog

    4-star DT Taylor gives thoughts on Hurricanes

    Atlanta sucks. If you have to drive anywhere, it a nightmare. As four young Mr. Taylor, sounds like if we drop a bag on his Mama, we have a decent shot.
  13. Canedog

    13 yr old QB we need To Offer

  14. Canedog

    2020 4* OL Sedrick Van Pran Offered

    He four star. Take him no matta wat. I'm a star hoe.
  15. Canedog

    OT Robert Marve

    Three years probation?! Way two dam light four wat he did two that girl!
  16. Canedog

    RIP Taylor Timmons

    RIP Mr. Timmons.
  17. Canedog

    OT Robert Marve

    What was his sentence?
  18. Canedog

    FRM Client Mark Walton signs with the Miami Dolphins

    Fake news as far as Richt is concerned I’ll bet.
  19. Canedog

    FRM Client Mark Walton signs with the Miami Dolphins

    You know this how?
  20. Canedog


    Great pic of Hedley and all of his tats OP. I hope to see Hedley with some Miami ink soon.