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    OT: uf and Chris Steele

    I don’t get the Chris Steele situation with the reaction from the other Florida players. Tevon Grimes calling him small, jacob Copeland calling him a pussy and so on. Are the players mad that he choose to leave or mad that he complained about Jaylon Jones? Players transfer and leave school early...
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    25 Greatest Football Programs Of All-Time

    I understand and agree with you about Nebraska, but the article that the post is based on is the best programs since 1935. I personally don’t credit any national champions before integration and anything before 1942 when teams could lose the last game of the season and still with national...
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    25 Greatest Football Programs Of All-Time

    You may not care, but others do when we are talking about college programs since 1935. I bleed orange and green, but I’m not going to be a stubborn SOB and ignore that Oklahoma has been pretty consistent over the last 50-60 years.
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    25 Greatest Football Programs Of All-Time

    This list is bogus af. Miami paved the way for UF and FSU and they didn’t rise to prominence until Miami went under investigation in the early 90’s. 1. Bama 2. ND 3. Usc 4. OSU 5. OU 6. Nebraska 7. Miami 8. Florida 9. Florida State 10. Michigan 11. Tennessee 12. Penn State 13. Auburn 14...
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    TNM Uniforms Coming

    I love those jerseys too, but the only problem was they weren't unique. Oregon State had the same 00-03 jerseys and a lot of teams had the 04-06 style of jerseys. Tulse had the same nike 04-06 uniforms and they are also hurricanes, Miami has to be unique.
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    I missed the scrimmage due to being locked up all weekend

    Man, police always arresting hard working criminals for no reason.
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    Orlando Spring Game Info

    Does anyone know if there will be a fan meet and greet after the game? The last one I went to was twelve years ago and I know most schools do that at their spring game if they have one.
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    Diaz vs Enos

    Diaz hiring Enos is similar to Radio hiring Patrick Nix. I know it’s different times, different administration and different stadium, but same rationale.
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    Spring Game.

    Wife said she will go as part of our anniversary.
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    FSU's QB concerns

    All in Cannon Smith.
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    James Blackman has entered the Portal

    Sounds like a coach who doesn’t care if his players are hospitalized.
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    Offensive starters

    Bye Kosi, join the Black Pearl.
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    Offensive starters

    Finals week for last semester was December 8th-14th, not sure if JT4 was on campus and do you “experts” know for sure Tate will be eligible?
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    Offensive starters

    QB- Jarren Williams RB- Deejay Dallas WR- KJ Osburn WR- Mark Pope WR- Brian Hightower TE- Brevin jordan LT- Kennedy LG- Donaldson C- Gaynor RG- Reed RT- Scaife This is more of a shot in the dark than a prediction, there is still a lot of time until August 31st so a lot can change. I know I...
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    Hartley Hired by UGA

    Don’t know how good he was, a tight end coach seems kind of irrelevant to me, but I could be wrong, but if Al Golden can do it how hard can it be. Seriously though, this may be ignorant and naive, but can’t the OL coach teach them how to block and the WR coach teach them how to catch?
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    Heading back to hallowed grounds.

    i had season tickets from 03-11 and one of my fondest memories was drinking on the tram from campus to the OB, I hope I can do it one more time.
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    Whiplash offense relocated to Pittsburgh

    Who did more with Jacory, Jedd Fisch or Mark Whipple? Fisch had Jacory playing above and beyond his potential, with 20 tds and 9ints, both teams ended 7-6 though.
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    Is this the worst recruiting job in Canes history?

    The reality of it is, this class is on par with our last 15 classes and if you don’t know that you haven’t followed our recruiting that long. Since 2006 our classes have routinely been ranked in the late teens to mid twenties, aside from three classes, ‘08 ‘12 ‘17. Look at our classes from 06...
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    Major Applewhite to be named new offensive coordinator at Miami

    Hopefully Manny is a man of his words and will get rid of Applewhite if he isn’t cutting it, but I hope him the best. We are in the coastal division, arguably the easiest division in the Power 5, this shouldn’t be so hard.