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  1. can4life

    2020 RB Marvin Scott Offered

    Wow I just put up a post about this kid yesterday and he has a offer today that's what's up.
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    OSU's In The Barrel

    Hope that Jacksonville RB enters the portal.
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    Parrish will be on campus on Friday, talks connection with Chaney

    If we looking for a quick back we should take a look at the kid.
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    2021 DT Anthony Hundley Offered

    Coaching staff been low-key killing it on the trail since Diaz took over I love it...
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    Jakorian Bennett juco db with speed...

    Calm down bro your a little to sensitive. I know you new to this board but we agree to disagree on this board it's not that serious.
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    Should any of our WR move to corner?

    I always thought Wiggins would make a good corner.
  7. can4life

    Jakorian Bennett juco db with speed...
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    This kid is gonna be a linebacker.
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    Class Impact: Justin Hodges to Miami

    Some more video on Hodges #1
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    OT: This kid just set the new HS world record in the 100m

    Yeah he's gonna get all kinds of endorsements just because of that.
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    OT: Youth Head Coach.

    Teach fundamentals and conditioning and do fun things together as a team.
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    Donell Harris

    He's a 5* everyone is gonna offer.
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    New team rising for 4-star LB Kinsler as Canes push

    Something tells me this kids has grade issue.
  15. can4life

    Trouble in Gainesville?

    Let Babylon burn (Jamaican voice)
  16. can4life

    Someone explain

    All the football players use to run track back in the day they don't no more I guess all of them play 7 on 7 now.
  17. can4life

    Hodges Commits

    Yeah you can hide a 4.7 at safety but not at corner.
  18. can4life

    Hodges Commits

    4.51 with his length we could work with that I hope thoes times are accurate.
  19. can4life

    Hodges Commits

    We need more speed in the secondary.